What is the meaning of the diamond shapes?

by Jennifer A. Life Style and Jewelry Blogger

Diamonds are probably the most symbolic gemstones of all time. They have been used in jewelry for almost a thousand years, and are looked at as the ultimate symbol of love and faithfulness. Initially, diamonds were said to have certain medicinal values; people in the middle ages have been documented to have ingested them as they believed it can cure various body ailments.

Gradually, the perception shifted and they began to be considered a valuable good. Various barter systems recognized diamonds as a mode of currency, apart from other metals like silver and gold. While the first documented use of diamond in jewelry was in 1074 AD Hungary, it was only around the 15th century that diamond jewelry became common across Europe.

The historical significance apart from the stones’ sparkling brilliance has made diamonds the most popular gemstone around the world. Today, they are not mere stones that are coveted for their beauty; Diamonds are said to speak loads about the wearer’s personality. Further, different diamond shapes and cuts have specific meanings attached. In this article, we will look at the various popular diamond shapes and what they saw about the people who wear them:

What are the different diamond shapes?


While the round cut is the most popular diamond shape found in jewelry, customers have increasingly shown a tendency to try out new shapes with different kinds of meanings attached. Some of them are the oval-cut, cushion-cut and the pear-cut. While most of these cuts make for brilliant diamond ring shapes, others such as the Marquise, Emerald and Princess cuts are also used in other types of jewelry. Learn about Most Popular Diamond Shapes And Diamond Cuts

In the next section, we will look at the specific meanings of different diamond shapes:


What do different diamond shapes mean?


1.   The round cut: 

The round cut is the most common shape in which diamonds come. It has a symmetrical structure which allows for maximum light reflection that in turn gives a fiery sparkle to the stone. Further, due to its simple and elegant look, round diamonds can be used in a variety of jewelry designs and types. The structures have exactly 58 facets.

As the round cut is the oldest of all cuts, they are simple and elegant, and go well in all kinds of jewelry. Further, some other qualities that are associated with the round diamond are honesty, truthfulness and love.


2.   Princess-cut: 

The princess cut is a comparatively new cut which has been seen on famous celebrities such as Jessica Beil and Taylor Swift. The princess cut is a square cut which does not have the considerable light reflecting potential as round diamonds, but has royal aura due to its bold square finish.

The princess cut is associated with confidence and wittiness with a modern twist. The Princess cut also represents spontaneity and intelligence, and is mostly worn by women who are very confident about the way they look!


3.   Oval- cut: 

The oval cut is one of the less popular diamond shapes mentioned in this list. This is because it has been traditionally seen as a shape that round diamonds were converted to by craftsmen after acquiring damage or flaws. However, today the oval shape is seen as a highly creative shape which gives a unique look to the overall jewelry piece.

Nowadays, it represents creativity and individuality, and also is seen as a symbol of courage and faith. Further, oval shaped diamonds are seen as symbols of emotional flexibility and independence.

4.   Cushion-cut: 

Cushion cut diamonds have square facets and cuboidal structures with rounded edges. They are widely considered to be one of the most eye-catching and flawless diamond shapes around. Further, a cushion cut works to accentuate the size and bulkiness of the overall stone, and is thus extremely suitable for people looking to make their jewelry look bulky without necessarily spending a lot of money.

Cushion-cut diamonds are said to represent faith and trustworthiness. Further, as the diamond cutting technique is one of the oldest after round-cut diamonds, the cushion cut is a traditional shape which looks good on all kinds of pieces.


5.   Emerald cut diamond: 

The Emerald cut is looked at as one of the most visually appealing diamond shapes in the world. It has a similar shape to the princess cut, but has an elongated body with long facets that allow for better visibility through the body of the stone. This in turn helps to gauge the clarity better.

The Emerald cut is looked at as a symbol of truth and fearlessness. Men and women who wear Emerald cut diamonds are considered more comfortable with their personalities, and are not afraid to speak their mind. In this way, the Emerald cut is a modern diamond cutting technique which represents courage and freedom.


6.   Pear-shaped cut diamond: 

The pear cut is also a modern diamond shape which has been made possible due to modern machinery. Pear shaped diamonds are made to resemble a teardrop, and have a pointed top and a bludgeoning bottom.

Pear shaped diamonds are said to represent modernity, adaptability and calmness. Further, the shape of the diamond allows for a variety of designs and jewelry types, most notable rings and pendants.


7.   Marquise- cut diamond: 

Well, we just talked about the Pear-cut. Now imaging a diamond which is pointed towards both its ends, with a bludgeoning center. That is how the Marquise cut looks like. Marquise-cut is also a modern diamond cutting technique.

The shape is symbolic of an adventurous spirit. Further, it is also representative of drama and theatrics, and is often worn by women who are bubbly and talkative!


So there you have it! We talked about all popular diamond shapes and cutting techniques, and all the different things it is said to represent. At the end of the day, choosing a diamond which best represents the wearer’s personality is the goal, and regardless of shape that is what needs to be thought about, first and foremost! At Sabrina A Inc., we have an assorted array of versatile and various diamond shapes, which helps quenching the thirst of finding the perfect cut. 

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