Christian jewelry for men

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Jewelry has always held different kinds of meanings for different people. Some thought certain gemstones are divine and therefore prayed to them, while others discovered that they had certain medical and positive effects on the human body.

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Jewelry has always been seen as a representation of the wearer’s personality and wealth. In certain cultures, it was even used to distinguish between social classes. It is only since the early twentieth century that the jewelry industry evolved to what it is today.

Nowadays, people have a vast variety of choices when it comes to jewelry pieces. They can have pieces custom made to speak a particular story or message, or may decorate it with initials and other personal engravings.

There is great versatility available as far as the kinds of messages people want their jewelry to convey is concerned. There are pieces made for minimalistic people, and statement rings and necklaces that are meant to convey specific personalized messages. Further, modern machinery has allowed a great many different types of designs to be created. There can be unlimited depth to what a particular piece conveys.

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Christian Jewelry for Men

One of these categories is Christian jewelry. While the first piece that comes to mind is the crucifix that a lot of Christian people like wearing, there are other types of Christianity-themed jewelry, such as pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets and medallions.

In certain sections of the religion jewelry is used to ward off or protect against the evil, and there are various amulets and pendants that are custom made to protect people from the bad. Further, churches often give out specific church rings to all its members that are supposed to be worn during sessions. Further, Christian rings, medallions and other artifacts have been used as symbols of faith as early as the third century A.D. Moreover, the Bible has mentions of rings being seen and used as symbols of power. It is safe to say that the tradition of using jewelry as a means of conveying faith to go has survived until today, and people are more willing to try out newer kinds of pieces that might speak for their faith.

Popular Symbols in Christian Jewelry

Angels and Archangels: There are quite a few images that are associated with angels. While some are depicted to have flowing white wings, others are fiery looking beings with swords. Angels are considered the intermediaries between human beings and God. Hence, the image is considered especially apt for people who want to communicate with God. Various different types of angels rings and necklaces are easily available in the market.

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The cross: The cross is the symbol of God’s sacrifice for humankind, and is another popular symbol used in Christian jewelry. Pendants and necklaces with the symbol are commonly worn by Christian men and women, and are also worn by priests and church goers.

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Other Symbols Related to God: There are quite a few other symbols used in jewelry for men. There are grapes that symbolize God’s blood, the dove emblem which is the Christian symbol for the Holy Spirit, the star and the ship- which is considered to be the symbol of the church.

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Christianity as a religion is full of all these different symbols that can be used and have been used in different forms of jewelry for men.

christian jewelry for men

Further, earlier centuries even had the eye of the lord, the fish which is considered one of the oldest symbols of Jesus Christ and the Eagle, which is considered to be a symbol of Resurrection.

No matter what, there are quite a few symbols that can be used in Christian jewelry for men, although the most common one is the cross which can be used in rings, pendants and also necklaces.

Christian Necklaces

While there are other forms of jewelry that Christian men wear, necklaces are the most common. They have to be worn in specific ways so as to maximize the good energy that they provide to your life. Otherwise, they will not guard against evil and bad luck like they can otherwise. First and foremost, a certain level of faith is required to be maintained in order to allow the lord to protect you.

Christian jewelry for men

You need to trust God, believe in him, and make sure that you use your ring to remember him as much as possible. Confidence and faith in God is required to maximize the good effects that the ring garners for you, and can also help you lead an honorable life.

While it is ideal to purchase necklaces in church shops and reputed dealers, you can also get your Christianity based jewelry purified by holy water at the nearest church. The protection that a necklace or other form of jewelry can give to you against all forms of evil is maximized when these objects are purified using holy water.

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At Jewelry America, we have a large variety of the best Christianity themed jewelry across a wide range of designs and jewelry types. All our jewelry is made in America, and uses the best quality 100% natural gemstones. Further, we have an efficient delivery and customer-response policy, and as all of our products are handmade, each item is unique and truly special!

As far as Christian themed necklaces are concerned, most men prefer a lighter tone so that the symbolism may get a chance to be noticed by people. Due to this, rose-gold, white-gold and silver metals are commonly used in these pendants.

Further, as mentioned in the previous section, there are quite a few symbols that can be used in rings, and therefore there is an especially high variety of designs and shapes available in the market.

Of course, as is true with every object related to God, you must be extra careful with these jewelry pieces and not drop them in the ground too much. Further, the piece should be treated with respect, and should not be generally worn with other heavy sets.

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