Popular Diamond Shapes to Choose for Jewelry

by Martin Gray Content Writer

There are a great many choices in today’s diamond market—in this article, we examine how to interpret a diamond’s characteristics to help select the stone that’s right for you.


Believe it or not, the shape of a diamond can influence the quality of the stone and its value. But value-rating isn’t always the main concern, necessarily—it just depends on individual tastes and needs.


If you’re not already familiar, it’s also highly advised to consider cultured diamonds (also known as lab grown). Cultured diamonds are every bit the equal to, and sometimes even superior versus a mined stone. Additionally, buying a lab-made gem means contributing less to environmental harm, since no mining is necessary. A great place to find such gemstones is London based brand Lark & Berry, who also have an online store that ships worldwide.


Since the brand’s launch in 2018, Lark & Berry has used only cultured diamonds and stones in its jewelry, and consequently, has enabled no diamond mining. Lark & Berry carries a vast portfolio of diamonds in different colors, cuts and sizes. Whether you seek an engagement ring, wedding, anniversary or are simply buying for yourself, there’s guaranteed to be cultured diamonds jewelry at Lark & Berry that will suit you for any occasion. 


Now, let’s take a look at various popular diamond shapes…


1.    Round

Round cut diamonds are considered the most prestigious diamonds and are the most commonly seen in jewelry. They makeup two-thirds of all diamond sales and are always a great choice—guaranteed to turn heads at any event with their maximized brightness and luminosity.


2.    Princess

The princess cut is perhaps the most popular choice for engagement rings. This cut’s most distinctive quality is its square/rectangular shape when viewed from above.


3.    Emerald

Only 3% of the world’s diamonds are emerald cut, but despite the scarcity, they are a popular diamond choice because of the way they’re cut makes them appear larger to the eye. The emerald cut’s shine might be a little less than the round and princess cuts, but its classic and vintage style is recognized throughout the world of jewelry.


4.    Asscher

The Asscher cut diamond has an emerald-like shape but is more distinctly square. This cut of diamond is a great reflector of light, improving the brilliance of the stone thanks to its proportions. The presence of coloration on the sides is identical to that of princess cut diamonds while its grade of ‘H’ is highly sought after. The Asscher cut is less pricey than the round and princess but remains a classic choice.


5.    Oval

This cut, similar to the round, has a large surface and risks showing impurities, but its extreme brightness is a notable selling point. This diamond shape is very popular for its perfect symmetry and elegance.


6.    Marquise

The marquise diamond cut, also known as the football-shaped cut is not seen much in the engagement ring world, however, this cut features 58 facets and an elliptical shape, which looks fabulous on a ring finger.


7.    Radiant

The radiant shape has an exquisite rectangular shape, which intensifies and enhances the colors quite “radiantly,” giving this cut of stone its name.


8.    Heart

This type of cut is similar to that of a bright modified round and is the representation of love and romance. It is a jewel widely used in the world of jewelry for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and birthday gifts.


9.    Pear

This style, which perfectly imitates a small drop of water, is classic and elegant. This variant of the round diamond is exceptionally bright.


10.   Cushion 

The cushion-shaped diamond, also called Mazarine cut, has an elegant and vividly real look. Its shape varies from rounded squares to elongated rectangular, with classic and romantic appearance.

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