A Guide to Learning Diamond Shapes

by Angelina Gertz Certified Diamonds
As of this year, there are 9 standard shapes in which diamonds are cut from their rough states. Some of them are banal, while others are rare. With varying degrees of scintillation and brilliance, each of these cuts is fashioned to enhance the aesthetics of a diamond to the maximum point. Many of you may already know that there are 9 different cuts that diamonds are shaped in. Brilliant cuts like round and princess, you may have heard and seen already. But there are 7 other shapes in which diamonds are sold in the market. Ahead, you will read about these cuts and their USPs.

Round: The most popular brilliant shape in diamonds, the round brilliant cut diamond is aimed at maximizing the fire and brilliance of a diamond. The best grade stones are sent for round-cuts because of the brilliance factor. 

Princess: The second most popular diamond cut, the princess cut is the most preferred choice of shapes for engagement rings and solitaires. The brilliance in princess-cut diamonds is exceptional. In the princess cut, the color of stone is pushed away from the perimeter towards the center where it is most dense. So, while the side throws off light causing the sparkle to heighten, the center displays the concentrated color of the stone. In contrary of most myths, princess cut is both square and rectangular cuts. 

Emerald: The first glance at the emerald cut will tell you that it’s no ordinary cut. Emerald shaped diamonds feature a unique characteristic, which is a step-cut crown that vanishes into the pavilions of the stones. Emerald-cut diamonds are large, they are rectangular, and incredibly clear and brilliant. 

Marquise: There is an unmistakable sharpness in Marquise-cut diamonds that is lent by the peaks of the shape. The cut maximizes the carat weight of diamonds, all the while giving the fingers a slender look and feel. 

Oval: The oval cut is vintage with a contemporary spin. Same as the Marquise cut, it has the advantage of maximum carat weight, topped with incredible shine and accentuation. 

Cushion: The cushion cut, also called the pillow-cut bears the rounded shape of a cushion. It’s USPs are impeccable clarity and brilliance. 

Radiant: A radiant cut diamond is the same as princess-cut, only with trimmed corners. 

Pear: A combination of the Marquise and round cut, pear loose diamonds look extremely delicate and produce maximum shimmer and symmetry. 

Asscher: The Asscher cut, often confused with the emerald cut is a perfect square with unparalleled brilliance.

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