A perfect guide for buying Garnet Stone

by Jennifer A. Life Style and Jewelry Blogger

Garnet stones are one of the oldest gemstones that have been used in handcrafted jewelry since the Bronze Age, almost three thousand years ago! While they mostly come in shades that are red or reddish brown, there are various other colors that they might come in. It is the vibrancy and visual similarity which it shares with the more valuable gemstone ruby, which has led to a growth in its popularity in recent times.

Garnets are highly versatile, and provide a good variety in size, colors and luster. Further, the stone gets its name from the Latin word ”garanatus”, which means seeds. Most garnets have a shade similar to that of pomegranate seeds, and in ancient times the stone was called “carbuncle”, which was the term used for red boils. While the two words represent vastly different things, it is the same red vibrant tone of the stone which led to the two terms being used.

Historically the Garnet stone had a wide range of purpose, ranging from jewelry, abrasion, and other industrial uses. Some cultures also believed that the garnet stone has certain medical properties especially useful for people suffering from bone ailments such as arthritis. Today, they are still used in jewelry , particularly in birthstone pendants, necklaces and garnet rings.

In this article, I will tell you everything that you need to know while buying Garnet jewelry.

What color is garnet?

As already mentioned above, garnets usually come in a dark red color, and that is where it gets its name from, as well. However, certain garnet stones come in orange, green, pink, and dark brown shades. Rarely, you might see blue garnet stones, but their monetary value might even be more than ruby!

Further, Garnet stones are especially suitable for jewelry making purposes because of their durability and hardness.  Further, there are various medicinal properties that have been historically attached to the stone. In 18th and 19th century England, garnets were used on wounds, and its calming properties have been said to ward off nightmares and bad thoughts!

Finally, Garnet stones were even considered sacred by various cultures, such as the Ancient Mayans, Aztecs, and Native Indian Americans. Hence, they have various medicinal and cultural values, and are affordable and vibrant, which makes them perfect jewelry stones.

Where is garnet found? 

Every year around the month of February, there is a substantial increase in the demand for Garnet stones. While different varieties of Garnet stones are found in different places, the most common ‘rhodolite’ variety is majorly found in Brazil, Sri Lanka and India.

Further, the popular orange spessartine garnets are found in Namibia, Myanmar and Pakistan. There are other varieties as well, like the tsavorite garnets found in Kenya and Tanzania. Tsavorite garnet stones are green, while there is also another dark green variety called the demantoid garnets, found majorly in Russia and Iran.

Further, every source has a varying color spectrum, which makes the color of each unique and special. This, along with all the other reasons mentioned above, makes the garnet stone perfect for affordable jewelry pieces.

How is garnet formed?


As garnets are mined, they are most commonly found in tropical and subtropical climates, but certain varieties might also develop in cooler environments. Further, garnets are easy to be mined, and are commonly found near the Earth’s surface. Amateur miners can also go ahead and try their hand at mining garnets, using simple tools and some manpower.

Garnets are crystallized minerals formed from metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rocks. While the rhodolite variety is made of mostly rocky igneous or metamorphic rocks, darker varieties are formed of sedimentary rocks, and require thousands of years of pressure and heat.

Metamorphic and igneous rocks will have bright red shades because they contain molten lava, and therefore are more commonly found in tropical hot environments.

What is tsavorite garnet?

Tsavorite garnet jewelry is one of the most popular non-red varieties of garnet stone jewelry. While most garnet stones are red, the tsavorite garnet is a plush-emerald green variety of the stone that has its origins in the continent of Africa.

In spite of its comparatively high prices, there is a large variety of tsavorite garnet pendants, necklaces and other types of jewelry available online. This is because tsavorite garnet stones generally have even fewer inclusions that pure emerald, and might even be flawless!

Tsavorite Garnet meaning

Like its more mainstream counterparts, the green tsavorite garnet stones also have various medicinal and calming properties attached to it. Traditionally the stones were said to have protective and healing abilities. In some cultures, men and women used to sleep with the gemstone near them, and believed that it can transfer various positive energies to their bodies. Further, the stones were used on wounds, apart from jewelry purposes.

How to tell a ruby from a garnet?

While the garnet color is very similar to the shade of rubies, there are certain differences that can be kept in mind to identify the two. First and foremost, rubies are bright red, and have a highly specific shade.

Garnets on the other hand may have different shades, and on close examination you will be able to spot them. As already mentioned, garnets can have orange, pink, green and even blue hues!

Another way to observe subtle differences in color is to observe the stone under a bright source of light. If the color spectrum shows green, yellow or mixed bands, it is not a ruby.

While in most cases observing the subtle shade differences should be enough, if you are still not sure, going to a jeweler or a gemstone expert is highly recommended, especially if you have little to no experience in differentiating between gemstones.

How much is garnet worth?/ how much does garnet cost?

As already mentioned, it is the stone’s affordability that makes it such a popular choice for jewelry enthusiasts all over the world. Going with a garnet instead of another gemstone helps save money without compromising on the visual quality of the entire piece.

While the cheapest rhodolite garnet variety can cost as little as 3 dollars per carat, the more rare varieties can be as expensive as 150 dollars per carat! Comparatively, rubies can cost anywhere between 15 to 1600 dollars per carat, which makes garnet a comprehensively cheaper option, and the high variety in shades that comes with them also allows greater versatility as far as jewelry pieces are concerned.

Types of Designs

As I said before, there are a number of shapes and colors that garnets come in, and this allows for a lot of variety, when compared to other stones. Garnets are cost effective, and therefore multiple stones can be used in the same piece. Further, the same jewelry piece can have different shades of the stone. 

        garnet pendant

Due to all of this, there are garnet pendants, necklaces, rings, tiaras, and various other types of pieces easily available. I am Marla Trudine, and I have a wide variety of garnet jewelry pieces that feature 100% natural stones and are made in America! You can also order custom garnet pieces that will be made according to your needs and specifications.

I am sure the above tips and tricks will prove useful to you, and rest assured if you follow them to the book you will be satisfied with the overall purchase that you end up making!

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