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by Jennifer A. Life Style and Jewelry Blogger

Over the past few decades, better technology and the increasing importance given to creativity and craftsmanship has resulted in innumerable wacky and whimsical designs that would not have worked, in any other time period.

Not only is the better technology allowing artisans to create more vivid and intricate designs, the particular generation and trends these days seem to be more susceptible and open for newer, wackier designs. For example, you wouldn’t have seen a lot of women wearing a “heart with painted wings” necklace or a “Seahorse pendant” just a couple of decades ago. Nowadays however, not only are these designs and pieces worn by a larger number of women and even men, they are highly valued as well.

I am Marla Trudine, and I create one of a kind handmade jewelry pieces using the best quality of metals and machinery. Further, all my products are made in America, and I use only 100% natural stones. In this article,

I have listed the 7 most whimsical pieces of jewelry that I create, in no particular order:

1.Dancer Stacking Ring in White with White Diamonds: 

The Dancer stacking ring is in truth a two ring set. The rings are stacked together to represent the joining of two lives. While the symbolism is potent, it is the resultant design that has earned the ring a worthy place in this list.

The ring seems to have two swirling white metal lines that are interspersed with white diamonds, and the overall structure thus created is intrinsic, and seemingly random. To understand the essence of the structure, one requires a closer look:

artistic engagement rings

gold bangle bracelet

2.Rose Gold Waterfall Bracelet:

Next up on this list is the rose gold waterfall bracelet. The bracelet is brilliant for women who prefer jewelry which stands out without being too tacky or shiny.

It has a large open form free flowing design that doesn’t seem to have a beginning or an end, and can either represent ocean waves, a winding river, or a bird soaring through the sky. Yet, despite its intrinsic design features, the overall rose gold finish gives a tender look to the piece. It is whimsical, and yet subtle, and that is what makes this piece so unique!

dragon jewelry

3.Dragon Phoenix Pendant:

As far as whimsical jewelry is concerned, there aren’t many pieces that can compare with this particular dragon jewelry piece. It has a wide variety of stones, including tourmalines, tsavorite garnet, rubies, natural blue zircon and sapphire.

Although the phoenix pendant takes inspiration from the mythical dragon figure, the piece can be interpreted differently by different people, and can take the form of a butterfly, dragon, phoenix, and even an angel.

This versatility in design, along with its bold and colorful appearance makes it one of the most whimsical pieces of jewelry that I have ever created. Moreover, bearing in mind that each piece is handmade and therefore truly unique and special, this might just be the most whimsical pendant that you can find on the internet!

south sea pearl pendant

4.Pearl pod pendant:

While most of the items that you will find on this list will have bold and eye-catching designs, the pearl pendant necklace has a minimalistic design that is still unique and truly beautiful!

It features three multicolored pearls in the center that together represent the creation of life. The piece itself can have interpretations like the curl of a leaf, the grasp of a vine on a twig, peas in a pod, and the glow of life in the womb. The pearl pendant is perfect for women who do not usually wear whimsical jewelry, but are looking to experiment.

opal necklace

5.The Opal pod necklace:

The opal pod necklace is next in line, for the title of the most subtle whimsical jewelry piece on this list! The pendant might be a tad bolder than the pearl pod pendant, which has much to do with the string of bright white pearls that it features in the center.

The Ethiopian opal pod necklace symbolizes warmth and motherhood, and has a reassuring aura which adds to the radiance of all kinds of looks. The rose gold metal structure around the pearls has a flowing profile which also adds to the symbolism of life.

larimar pendant

6.The water and sky pendant:  

The water and sky pendant is also extremely whimsical and has a lot of symbolism attached to it. It is a yellow sapphire necklace featuring a bird soaring through the blue larimar sky above dancing water droplets towards the bottom of the piece.

The dangling blue and white opals represent the water, while the larimar represents the sky, with a yellow sapphire sun and a soaring bird in the center. The larimar stone is famous for its healing properties, and the entire piece has a peaceful aura that is infectious, to say the least!

                  Heart with wings necklace

7.Heart with painted wings necklace:

The final item on this list is also a truly whimsical piece. It has a butterfly shape, with attached wings and bright bold colors. It is a sophisticated piece made in the Art Nouveau style and multicolored tourmaline wings that signify adventure and free spirit.

It has a large red ruby handing from the bottom and when it comes to sheer ability to stand out, this whimsical heart with wings necklace is the most eye-catching one that you will find!


You can find many other whimsical jewelry pieces right here at my jewelry website. As mentioned before, each piece that I create is handmade, which makes them all truly unique and special. Further, I use only 100% natural stones sourced from the best locations, and every piece that I sell is made in America!

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