Technical Specifications of Diesel Genset Parallel Cabinet

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When multiple diesel genset supply power to the same load, in order to ensure the reasonable distribution of load, the reliability of power supply and the operation economy of the genset, it is necessary to connect the power of multiple diesel generator sets in parallel. At this time, the parallel cabinet must be equipped. When different AC power sources need to be connected in parallel to give the same load, AC power must meet the following conditions: same phase sequence, same voltage, same frequency and same phase.

The genset control system parallel cabinet has the following functions:

1.The system is set up automatic synchronizing device, which can control engine speed to allows the two generators to automatically synchronize and automatically control the main switch closing grid. After grid successfully, synchronizer automatically quits work. This operation is safe and reliable, main switch has electric operation device.

2.After the system is paralleled, the automatic power distributor measures the current and effective value of power of each genset. Through a group of parallel signal lines, it can continuously control the speed system, so as to evenly distribute the load of each generator according to the proportion of generator power.

Genset Parallel Cabinet

3.The automatic voltage regulator and reactive power balance device can automatically adjust the output voltage of the two gensets to make the no-load and on load consistent.

4.It can start by manual or backup way, two generators can be prime unit and standby unit.

5.With short circuit and over-current protection function, reverse rate protection (when the reverse power is 6-15% of the rated power, the main switch opens to protect the generator). The parallel is soft load, and the unloading is soft (the train is opened only after the load transfer), and the floating charging (intelligent charger) of the diesel engine start-up battery is performed.

6.Control method. Manually press the start button to start the genset, and select single power supply or two parallel power supply according to the load. In automatic mode, the system will automatically start the unit when it detects that the power supply is cut off (the set time for power transmission is 15 seconds). When the load of the first unit reaches 80% of the rated load, the second unit will be started automatically( the first load can be adjusted from 50% to 90%, the system is set to 80%, and two units can beset to start at the same time).

After normal operation, it can automatically adjust the synchronous closing and grid connection. After grid connection, it can automatically distribute the load equally according to the unit power without manual adjustment. When the load is reduced to 80% of the unit power (50% - 90% adjustable), the system will automatically send the signal of unit reduction, and the second unit will automatically turn off the circuit breaker for no-load maintenance operation for 2 minutes, and then automatically shut down and enter the standby state.

In the manual mode, when the unit does not need automatic power supply or the automatic system is temporarily out of control, it has the functions of manual operation of unit startup, parallel operation and shutdown.

7.Display function

Chinese and English can be switchable. LCD displays the speed of diesel engine, oil pressure, water temperature, battery voltage, running time, generating voltage, three-phase current, power factor, active power, frequency, etc.

8.Indicator light status indication: closing indication, opening indication, on-line signal indication, operation indication, power supply indication, mains failure indication, alarm indication and reverse power indication.

9.Genset protection:overspeed, low speed, low oil pressure, over water temperature, high voltage, over current, high frequency, over power, etc.

10.Protection function: the genset has such protection functions as too high cooling water temperature, too high oil temperature, too low oil pressure and too high speed. The protection parameter limits are as follows:

A.When the speed exceeds 1725r/min, it will give an alarm and stop when the speed exceeds 1755r/min.

B.When the oil temperature exceeds 115 ℃ ± 1 ℃, it will give an alarm. When over 117 ℃ ± 1 ℃, the genset will shutdown.

C.When coolant temperature exceeds 97±1℃, it will give an alarm, will shutdown if over 99±1℃.

D.When lub. oil temperature lower than 0.1±0.01MPa, it will give an alarm. When lower than 0.07MPa.

Above technical specifications is about parallel cabinet for diesel power generator manufactured by Dingbo Power company. Our parallel cabinet can be customizable according to different clients requirements.

Dingbo Power company is also a manufacturer of diesel generators in China, founded in 2006. All product has passed CE and ISO certificate. We have Cummins, Volvo, Perkins, Yuchai, Shangchai, Weichai, MTU, Ricardo, Wuxi power etc., power range is from 25kva to 3125kva. Contact us by email

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