How to Protect Diesel Generators After Rain

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Continuous torrential rains in summer, some meet rain shelter in outdoor use generating set is not timely, diesel generating set is wet, if not to have care, will result in generating set rust, corrosion, damage, reduce insulation resistance in electric water be affected with damp be affected with damp, is in danger of breakdown short circuit burned, so as to shorten the service life of the generator set. So the diesel generator set was wet after the rain, how to do? The following six steps are summarized in detail by Dingbo Power, a diesel generator manufacturer.

1, First of all, wash the surface of the diesel engine with water, remove the soil and debris, and then use metal cleaning agent or washing powder to remove the surface of the oil.

2, One end of the diesel engine, so that the oil pan oil in a lower position, rotating down the oil plug, pull out the oil ruler, so that the water in the oil pan out, when the flow to just let the oil out of the oil should be slightly let the oil and water out of a part of the oil after the oil plug.

3. Remove the air filter of the diesel generator set, remove the upper shell of the filter, remove the filter element and other parts, remove the water in the filter, and clean the parts with metal cleaning agent or diesel. If the filter is plastic foam, wash it with washing powder or soapy water (gasoline is forbidden), then rinse it with clean water, dry it, and then soak it with proper amount of oil (after soaking, squeeze it dry with your hands). Oil immersion should also be carried out when installing new filter. The filter element is paper and should be replaced with a new one. Filter parts clean, dry, and then according to the provisions of the installation.

4. Remove the inlet and exhaust pipes and mufflers to eliminate internal water storage. Open the pressure, shake the diesel engine, see if there is water discharge, if there is water discharge, continue to shake the crankshaft, until all the water in the cylinder is drained. Install the inlet, exhaust pipe and muffler, add a little oil to the air intake, turn the crankshaft a few times, and then install the air filter. If the diesel engine water intake time is long, the flywheel rotation is difficult, indicating that the cylinder liner and piston ring have rust, should be removed rust removal, clean and then assembly, rust serious to be replaced in time.5, Remove the oil tank, put all the oil and water in it. Check whether there is water in the diesel filter and oil pipe, if there is water, it should be drained. Clean the oil tank and diesel filter, then reinstall, connect the oil line, add clean diesel fuel into the tank.

6. Discharge the sewage from the water tank and the waterway, clean the waterway, add clean river water or boiled well water to the water float. Turn on throttle switch and start diesel engine. Cummins generator set manufacturers suggest that diesel engines should pay attention to the rising of the oil indicator after starting, and listen to the diesel engine of the diesel generator set for abnormal sound. After checking whether all parts are normal, run in the diesel engine, run in the order of first idle speed, then medium speed, then high speed, running time for 5 minutes each. After running in, stop and release oil. Readd new oil, start diesel engine, run for 5 minutes at medium speed, then it can be used normally.

Taking the above six steps to comprehensively check the unit, will effectively restore the diesel generator set to a better state, eliminate the future use of safety risks. Diesel generator set is best used indoors. If your generator set has to be used outdoors, it should be shielded at any time to prevent unnecessary damage to diesel generator set due to rain and other weather.

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