What is Fire Fighting Spare Diesel Generator

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In our daily use, what are the requirements of fire backup diesel generator set? Today Dingbo will take you to understand.
Requirements for fire fighting spare diesel generator sets
(1) A kind of high-rise building with its own generator set, should be equipped with automatic starting device, and can supply power within 30 seconds;
(2) Type ii high-rise building with its own generator set, when it is difficult to use automatic starting, manual starting device can be used.
When the regional power supply conditions cannot meet the reliability requirements of the primary and secondary fire load, or it is uneconomical to obtain the secondary power from the regional substation, the self-provided fire backup power supply (diesel generator set) should be set up.
Self-provided fire backup power supply includes: emergency generator set, battery pack, uninterruptible power supply device (UPS), fuel cell.
The fire-fighting self-contained power supply of high-rise buildings has the following requirements for self-contained power generation equipment (self-contained emergency generator set) : Self-contained emergency generator set includes diesel generator set and gas turbine generator set.
When choosing diesel generator set, it is advisable to choose high-speed diesel generator set and brushless automatic excitation device. Because, the high-speed diesel generator set has the advantages of small volume, light weight, reliable start-up and operation.
Brushless automatic excitation device has the characteristics of adapting to various starting modes, easy to realize unit automation or remote control of the generator set, and when used together with automatic voltage adjustment device, the static voltage adjustment rate can be guaranteed within 2.5%.
The self-provided emergency generator set shall be equipped with fast automatic starting and automatic power switching devices, and have the function of self-starting. For a class of high-rise buildings, the self-starting switching time is not more than 30s; For other buildings, manual starting devices can also be used when it is difficult to use automatic starting.
The diesel generator includes diesel engine, generator, control panel, starting battery, fuel tank, intake and exhaust, muffler and other equipment. The generator is three-phase AC synchronous generator and brushless AC excitation mode.
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