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Volvo Penta currently has two different coolants, green coolant and yellow coolant. The green coolant is used in the early products, and the Yellow coolant is delivered later. Based on the fact that the green coolant is produced by different technologies, which contains inhibitors that cannot be chemically mixed with the Yellow coolant, it is difficult to completely remove the residue of the green coolant for the green coolant that has been running for a long time, Therefore, the original green coolant is still used, and the green coolant shall not be mixed with the Yellow coolant.

Yellow antifreeze is a yellow liquid, which is mainly composed of ethylene glycol, water, a small amount of caproic acid, ethylene, sodium salt and additives. Different proportions with water correspond to different boiling points. For example, the boiling point of 40% concentrated solution converted into 60% distilled water can reach 109 ℃ (228.2 ℉), density: 1.056 g / cm (20℃), pH value is 8.6, yellow antifreeze contains new inhibition materials suitable for modern engines, which can better prevent corrosion and sediment accumulation, and hinder pitting corrosion and electric corrosion.


In any environment, VCs yellow antifreeze cannot be mixed with Volvo green antifreeze or engine coolant of other brands to avoid possible chemical reaction, blocking water channels and causing high temperature.


Volvo panda currently provides VCs (yellow) with the following specifications in terms of parts:

Part No. 22567286 coolant VCs (yellow) (stock solution, 1L)

Part No. 22567295 coolant VCs (yellow) (stock solution, 5L)

Part No. 22567305 coolant VCs (yellow) (stock solution, 20 liters)

Part No. 22567307 coolant VCs (yellow) (stock solution, 208 liter barrel)

Part No. 22567314 coolant VCs (yellow) mixture 5 liters (40%)

Part No. 22567335 coolant VCs (yellow) (mixture 20 liters 40%)

Part No. 22567340 coolant VCs (yellow) (mixture 208 liter barrel 40%)


The three basic functions of qualified antifreeze are antifreeze, rust prevention and improving the boiling point of coolant. Volvo yellow antifreeze fully meets these performance requirements, and its replacement cycle is 4 years or 8000 hours. Volvo panda currently provides two types of coolant: mixed liquid or concentrated liquid. The mixed liquid from the original factory is converted from 40% concentrated liquid and 60% distilled water; If the concentrated liquid needs to be selected, the water quality during mixing must meet the specifications of ASTM d4985, and the concentrated liquid must be mixed with purified water according to the mixing proportion. Only such coolant is suitable and allowed by Volvo panda. In order to make the cooling system have satisfactory anti rust function, even if there is no risk of freezing, the coolant with the correct composition must be used all year round. If an inappropriate coolant is used or the coolant is not mixed as required, the warranty requirements of components related to the engine cooling system may be rejected in the future.


At present, the concentrate has the following three different mixing ratios, corresponding to different freezing points:

40% concentrate and 60% distilled water - 24℃

50% concentrate and 50% distilled water - 37℃

60% concentrate and 40% distilled water - 46℃


According to the use requirements in the user manual, the normal coolant level must be between the upper and lower scale lines of the expansion tank or not lower than the lowest scale. After the coolant is used for a period of time, a small amount of water will evaporate and need to be supplemented. If the water quality supplemented by the user is improper, it will also cause the failure of the relevant cooling system.


When the iron bar in the water tank is oxidized and the rust is peeled off, it fills every corner of the cooling system. The reason is that the user adds a lot of unqualified water quality. From the rust picture, rust has been scattered in the cooling system, the engine thermostat mounting seat is also rust, and the engine cylinder block and cylinder head are also victims. It is certain that the Yellow VCs antifreeze has deteriorated and lost its antirust function. One of the basic functions of qualified antifreeze is antirust, and it is the user's responsibility to use qualified and regular coolant.


The effect of expired antifreeze additives will be reduced, which means that the coolant must be replaced. When replacing, the cooling system must be cleaned according to the instructions in the user's manual.


Note: Volvo coolant VCs (yellow) should not be used on engines using Volvo penta green coolant and other coolants.

Volvo penta coolant (green) must continue to be used for previously used engines.

Volvo panda currently provides yellow coolant replacement cleaner as part No. 21467920 (500ml) for cleaning the cooling system when VCs (yellow) is expired.


When Volvo penta green coolant or other coolants need to be replaced with VCs (yellow), the cooling system must be cleaned with oxalic acid. Refer to service bulletin 26-0-29 for guidance.


The repair kit part number #21538591 contains installation instruction 47700409 and two yellow identifications that are being used by Volvo penta VCs (yellow) (applicable to replacing the original green coolant with yellow VCs, and the engine does not have a water filter).


In some cold northern areas, the temperature is low and even exceeds - 40 ℃ in severe cold. It is necessary to convert the concentrate into 60% concentrate and 40% distilled water for antifreeze. The maximum amount of concentrate can not exceed 60%. The specific amount can be calculated by referring to sales tools - technical data - coolant capacity (including standard water tank and hose).


Note: Volvo panda does not provide oxalic acid and sodium bicarbonate. Please go to the corresponding chemical store to buy these items.

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