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Nowadays, there are many generator set manufacturers. How to select high-quality generator set manufacturers is very important. Let me tell you how to choose high-quality generator manufacturers. You can refer to it when purchasing generator sets.

1. Price factor

The diesel generator sets price directly affects the cost of the company, and the price that is too high or too low can not be taken. If the price of the generator set is too high, it will certainly harm the interests of consumers. If another manufacturer is much lower, then this situation is nothing more than to confuse the false with the true. If it is a genuine configuration, the price of the same generator set and the same power should not be very different. Not all machines have the same load, that is, 2–3 times the total. The load of the top three machines is mainly considered. Of course, this situation refers to the situation that someone can start the machine one by one. If you want to start at the same time, it is better to more than twice.

2. Qualification factors

Customers who buy generator sets can generally understand that some suppliers only produce engines and some suppliers only produce alternator. If they want to buy complete sets of generator sets, they must buy them from generator set OEM manufacturers. Only after the engine and alternator manufacturer’s authorization, they agree to assemble the generator set with their machine, and obtain their quality assurance and after-sales service at the same time. Therefore, when purchasing, we need to pay special attention to whether the qualifications are complete.

3. After sales service factors

After sales service is also an important point in selecting the right generator set manufacturer. If there is a problem with the unit and the manufacturer’s service is not timely, it is a headache. Therefore, high-quality generator set manufacturers must have a perfect pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales system. After sales service terms and maintenance must be directly reflected in the contract. In terms of installation, we should guide the installation, complete all commissioning, let the machine run normally, and then achieve the effect of customer satisfaction.

We can also judge the product quality from below information.

1. Judgment of generator quality: it mainly depends on the label and appearance of the generator. Pay attention to production customization and manufacture date. The appearance paint of the accessories and the integrity of the components can roughly judge the new and old of the generator and the quality.

2. Judgment of engine quality: this part needs to be judged from applicable fuel, cooling system, rated speed and other relevant accessories, which is more complex. When users choose, it is best to consult whether the quality, fuel consumption, cooling, speed regulation mode, etc. meet the use needs. If in doubt, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer in detail.

3. After seeing the accessories of the generator set, we should also see the assembly process, test the machine and judge the quality of the unit.

4. Power generation detection: connect the positive lead of the multimeter to the armature terminal of the generator and ground the negative lead. The voltage of the armature terminal of the 12V generator shall be 13.5 ~ 14.5V, and the voltage of the armature terminal of the 24V generator shall fluctuate between 27 ~ 29V. If the voltage indicated by the multimeter is close to the voltage value of the battery and the pointer does not move, the generator does not generate electricity.

5. Look at the manufacturer: the quality of products has a certain relationship with the manufacturer. When selecting, pay attention to selecting professional and reliable manufacturers, and check the business license and relevant certificates. Choose a brand or a product with good reputation, and use it more confidently.

6. Pay attention to product list, transportation, installation, commissioning and after-sales service.

Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., established in 2006, is a Chinese diesel generator brand OEM manufacturer integrating diesel generator set design, supply, commissioning and maintenance. 30kw-3000kw diesel generator sets with various specifications, ordinary, automatic, automatic switching, four protection and three remote monitoring, low noise, mobile, automatic grid connection system and other special power requirements can be customized according to customer needs. Contact us right now to get more information if you have purchase plan of diesel generators.

Dingbo power is always committed to providing customers with comprehensive and intimate one-stop diesel generator solutions. From product design, supply, commissioning and maintenance. Fourteen years of experience in diesel generator manufacturing, excellent product quality, intimate housekeeper service and perfect service network provide you with five-star after-sales services of pure spare parts, technical consultation, installation guidance, free commissioning, free maintenance, unit transformation and personnel training.

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