Saving Diesel Fuel for Diesel Genset

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How to achieve the most fuel-efficient effect of 1500KW diesel generator set is the continuous goal of every diesel generator set user and manufacturer. Guangxi Dingbo generator set factory tutors how to make diesel generator set more fuel-efficient.


1. Increase the temperature of cooling water of 1500kW diesel generator.

The increase of cooling water temperature can increase the body temperature of the generator set, which can not only promote the complete combustion of diesel oil, but also reduce the viscosity of engine oil, so as to reduce the resistance of movement and achieve the effect of fuel saving.2. Clean the diesel fuel before using it.

About 60% of the faults of the diesel generator set come from the oil supply system, so it must be handled before adding oil to the generator set. The treatment method is as follows: the purchased diesel oil can be used after being deposited for about 2-4 days, which can precipitate about 98% of the impurities. If it is purchased and used now, two layers of silk cloth or toilet paper can be placed at the refueling filter screen of the oil tank. The purpose of oil treatment is to make the diesel generator set fuel more fully


3. Run the generator set within the rated power, do not overload.

When using the generator set, it is best to be within the rated power and do not overload it, otherwise it will achieve the purpose of fuel saving. Overload operation not only affects the service life of the generator set, but also greatly increases the oil consumption. Generally, the load rate is controlled at a reasonable level, and the load rate is between 50% and 80%, which is more fuel-efficient.



4. Increase the diesel engine belt pulley.

Properly increasing the diesel engine pulley can increase the speed of the water pump when the diesel generator set is running at a reduced speed, so as to increase the flow and head, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.


5. Regularly maintain the diesel generator set.

When the engine is used for a long time, it will form normal wear. If it is not maintained properly, it will form abnormal wear, resulting in longitudinal pull marks on the cylinder liner of the diesel generator, the cylinder diameter and piston side clearance exceed the specified value, the supporting force of the piston ring will be reduced accordingly, and there will be unclean oil scraping.


Secondly, the inner support torsion spring in the oil ring is disconnected at the opening of the oil ring, resulting in unclean oil scraping and participation in combustion, resulting in serious oil consumption symptoms, which are manifested in difficult starting of the diesel engine, obvious blue smoke from the exhaust pipe and serious oil injection of the respirator.


In addition, the upward side of the piston makes the combustion chamber form an inverted state due to the inversion of the direction during assembly. Although it will not affect the start of the diesel engine, the loss of engine oil will be quite serious. The oil consumption of engine oil is about 0.5kg per day, so it is necessary to maintain the diesel generator set regularly.


6. Ensure that the machine does not leak oil.

The oil delivery pipe of diesel generator often has loopholes due to uneven joint surface, gasket deformation or damaged surface. The solution is to coat the gasket with valve paint, grind it on the glass plate and straighten the oil pipe joint. A diesel recovery device is added, and the return pipe on the oil nozzle can be connected with the air core screw.


7. Maintain the best oil supply angle.

If the oil supply angle deviates, the oil supply time will be too late and the fuel consumption will increase greatly.

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