Partha Banerjee Mumbai | 8 Everyday Habits That May Harm Your Kidneys and Heart Health

by Partha Banerjee Partha Banerjee Dubai

Here is a list of habits that you should change from today itself. And realize there impact on your kidney's health. Fighting with unhealthy habits is not, but the specialists believe that once you make up the mind then nothing is impossible. Partha Banerjee, a leading health care advisor and renal care expert in Dubai puts light on how to handle your daily habits and lessen their pressure. 

1. Reduce the salt portion in your meals- Salt is the biggest trouble maker if you are prone to kidney disease. It is good to add flavors with herbs and spices in your food rather than salt.

2. Avoid the painkillers- Painkillers might reduce the momentary pain, but they are unhealthy for kidneys, especially when you are already suffering from kidney disease.

3. Eating processed food is unhealthy- These foods are packed with sodium and phosphorus. If you are already suffering from kidney disease then you need to limit phosphorus and sodium from the daily diet. Partha Banerjee Mumbai suggests consulting a dietician for a proper diet chart.

4. Missing 7-8 hours sleep- Taking sleep for adequate hours in a day is good for your overall health. As we all know that kidneys function in a systematic cycle which helps them work and coordinate with your body. Sleeping 7-8 hours a day keeps you fresh, healthy, active and improves metabolism.

5. Consuming too much sugar- Sugar is a major component that increases the risk of developing diabetes and high blood pressure. These two are responsible for causing kidney disease. Other than sugary foods like desserts, ice creams, and soft drinks sugar is added in foods that are considered good like bread, cereals, refreshments, etc. Partha Banerjee Dubai says that it is good to read the labels before you add any sugary products to your shopping cart.

6. Heavy drinking- If you are habitual to regular drinking then there is a chance that your kidneys are at risk. Meanwhile, if you are a smoker too then the chance of developing chronic kidney disease increases up to five times than people who don't smoke or drink alcohol.

7. Being a regular smoker- Smoking is not at all good for your lungs or your heart health and kidneys either. If you are habitual to smoking then it will increase the quantity of protein in the urine which is a risk factor for kidney diseases.

8. Long working hours- According to some studies if you are sitting for long hours in the same posture, then you might develop kidney disease. Physical activities improve blood pressure and enhance metabolism, both are essential in kidney health.

This write-up is to help prevent kidney disease and reference. Partha Banerjee Dubai advises to consult your medical practitioner before adding or reducing anything from your regular nutrition.    

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