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Knowing about your renal disease or kidney disease is the first step in taking control of your body. Healthy and fully functional kidneys filter the body's system, cleans the waste and extra fluids from the body. It also produces and maintains the balance between the chemicals that are essential for your body.

         purify and filter the blood,

         produce urine,

         keep bones fit and strong,

         Manage the blood pressure.

According to Partha Banerjee Mumbai, it is important to keep the kidneys in good condition. It also includes keeping your weight on track; at times obesity also affects the kidneys. It is the high time to keep a check on your health. You should be knowing your stage before you take any further step. As renal diseases or CKD comes in five stages. It begins from nearly normal kidney function (stage 1) to kidney failure (stage 5) it requires dialysis or a transplant. Knowing the stage can keep you on track and help in taking care.

Partha Banerjee Dubai believes that if you can identify its condition then you can easily control and slow down the growth rate. The CKD can affect the toddlers too. The health of kidneys can be tracked through the symptoms.

         Change in urination like more or less urine than the usual

         swelled feet, ankles, hands or face

         weakness and exhaustion

         shortness of breath

         loss of desire to eat

         nausea and vomiting

If you have any of these signs it is the time to see your doctor. It is especially important if you have a family member who has diabetes, high blood pressure or kidney disease. It can be traced by learning about the GFR known as Glomerular filtration rate. It can be done by a simple blood test.

These are easy ways to control the progress of kidney diseases.

         Don't smoke

         Physical activities

         Take medicine as per the prescription

         Eat right

         Avoid hypertension 

         Limit the foods that are high in protein, fats, potassium, and sodium.

         Consult a specialized healthcare team.

Partha Banerjee Mumbai says that diabetes and high blood pressure are its main causes. Whereas it can be a case of genetic diseases, birth defects, and acute kidney failure. You can easily keep the kidneys functional and healthy just by following a kidney-friendly diet and taking good care of them.  

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