Partha Banerjee Mumbai: Are You Guarding Your Kidneys and Heart Health

by Partha Banerjee Partha Banerjee Dubai

Commonly, people ask what the relationship between kidney and heart diseases is. If I don't have signs of kidney disease then why should I learn about heart disease? In simple words being protective and taking precautionary steps do not cost you anything. Going for regular check-up and tests are good for your kidney and heart health. Partha Banerjee Mumbai says that heart disease is the most common cause of death among people who have CKD. Further, he adds that learning about this disease can help you find ways to stay healthy for a lifetime. 

Being an expert in renal care Partha Banerjee Mumbai puts light on the fact that kidney disease means that kidneys are damaged and they are incapable of filtering the blood. And this damage can result in building wastes in the body. Whereas, in heart disease, the problem arises when there are blood clots that block the flow of the blood to the heart and plaque is formed near the walls of the blood vessels. 

In the words of Partha Banerjee Dubai, diabetes and high blood pressure are strongly connected to both the diseases. And it is the high time you need to take care of your kidneys and guard them. Because, people are likely to have kidney disease if they have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and a family member who has suffered through kidney failure in the past.

Here, we bring you a list of quick suggestions to help you guard your kidneys and heart health. 

  • Watch your blood glucose if you have diabetes. 
  • Maintain healthy high blood pressure levels.
  • Follow a healthful diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole-grain bread, cereals, low-fat milk, fish, and unsaturated fats and low-sodium. 
  • If you are having kidney disease then avoid high potassium. Limit the foods like bananas, tomatoes; potatoes instead, add apples, berries, and peaches in your diet. 
  • Be active for at least 30 minutes a day. 
  • Try activities that keep your heart pumping like a brisk walk, swimming, cycling, etc. 
  • Always talk with your doctor before starting anything new in your lifestyle. 
  • Keep the cholesterol numbers in a risk-free zone. 
  • Check your weight. Obesity is a major risk factor that affects the heart and kidneys. 
  • Quit smoking and restrain your drinking habits. 

In the end, Partha Banerjee Dubai says, that maintaining healthy blood glucose and blood pressure numbers is the best help you can do to save your kidneys and heart. See your health care provider regularly and take the prescribed medicines on time. 

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