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Allianz Customer Portal Design - I-AM Brand Edentity Design India and Graphic Design Company India

by Aarchi Sharma Brand Consultancy & Strategy
Aarchi Sharma Committed   Brand Consultancy &...
Allianz, as number one insurance company in the market with more than 5 million customers, approached I-AM to create a new portal, where Allianz can be with their customers all the time and witness their change in needs in their lives and be there to meet the new needs of the customers. Throughout the digitalization process of Allianz, we designed the digital service channels including mobile and online web channels.

We conducted interviews with the insurance and pension customers in which the usage scenarios are brought out and the emotional states for each usage scenario are determined. The user experience research and in-depth interviews clearly showed us that the customers are showing low level of interest and lack of information to their insurance products and show limited engagement to the brand. In order to outcome these challenges, we developed a system where insurance products could be easily managed, digital literacy could be increased and Allianz could be positioned as a life-time assistant rather than a simple insurance product.

For both channels, we prioritized certain functions that customers will use in simple steps for emergency situations. In order to create an interaction with the users through not only products but also with their lives, we created functions such as “My Child’s Health” where users can now track their child’s overall health in a digital channel, and “Rate My Ride” which aids to develop driving skills.

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Jan 24th 2018 04:17

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