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Nationwide - Branch Experience, Interior Design, ATM Kiosk Design and Brand architecture services in india

by Aarchi Sharma Brand Design Company
Aarchi Sharma Senior Brand Design Company
Nationwide were keen to exploit the latest technologies to create a ‘barrier-less’ branch environment. This was led by I-AM’s research into developing trends for the role of the branch in a multi-channel environment, as well as analysis of evolving customer expectations.

These principles informed the creative direction for the spatial ‘body language’ of the project to create an elegant new look and feel to the interiors. Themes influenced by classic British motifs such as herringbone parquet, inspired an angled grid layout. This configuration allows the space to ‘serve, then sell’ by highlighting key facilities such as ATM and online banking modules on the way in, then presenting customers with sales prompts and campaign imagery that become visible as they turn to leave the branch.

It’s now possible for customers to feel more in control of their branch encounter, whether face-to-face, through technology,
or a combination of both. Research carried out by Conquest, shows that the new branch design elicits positive responses from key customer groups and staff that directly resonate with Nationwide’s strategic objectives for the project.

P-2 Raghuvanshi Estate
11/12 S B Marg, Lower Parel
Mumbai 400013

Please get in touch:
Brian Pinto
Country Head
+91 9930519476
Aug 31st 2017 05:58


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