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FerahFeza - Restaurant Design, Branding Agency, Brand Consulting Services, Brand Identity Design and Brand Positioning Services in India

by Aarchi Sharma Brand Design Company
Aarchi Sharma Senior Brand Design Company
The owners of FerahFeza wanted to create a unique restaurant and bar concept that would stand out in Istanbul’s hip and up-and-coming neighbourhood, Karaköy. The beautiful venue boasts two terraces, with the sea, the Bosphorus and the historic peninsula on one side, and Galata, Beyoğlu and the bustling city on the other.

FerahFeza, meaning ‘spacious, airy and leisurely’ in Turkish, was designed by I-AM with this name in mind. The placement of mirrors along the walls showcases the magnificent views from both terraces while a variety of flooring, ceiling and wall finishes have been used to accentuate the spacious feel of the venue.

The design also incorporates a theme of ‘expertise’, meant specifically to highlight the skill of the restaurant’s chefs and the long history of craftsmanship in the Karaköy neighbourhood. I-AM chose materials such as brass, oak and copper to compliment the architectural features of the building.

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Sep 28th 2017 06:06

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