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by Aarchi Sharma Brand Consultancy & Strategy
Aarchi Sharma Senior   Brand Consultancy &...
User experiences matter. Every day, more and more services are provided through digital channels – and competition is tough. What users think and feel while using a digital offer determines whether that offer will be a hit or a miss.

Does your offer provide value to your customers’ lives? Can they use the service easily? Does it steal their hearts? At I-AM, we value these objectives and we assess your existing offer through expert analysis and rigorous user testing. We also create original designs that combine content (functions & features) with structure (information architecture, navigation and wireframes) and form (visual design).

Whether we’re designing an e-retail website, an ATM interface, an intranet or a mobile application, it all starts with researching the customer’s needs and identifying the content they are looking for, producing information architecture and navigation that is easy to use, laying out the pages (wireframes) in a way that makes it easy to find what you are looking for, while incorporating a striking visual and interactive effect. We prioritise user experience in digital channels and we believe a satisfactory experience is pre-requisite of engaging digital services. That’s how we design great user experiences!

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