What questions are asked during arranged marriage meetings in India?

by Shashi Ranjan I am entrepreneur

Ok so, my father asked me to come home one weekend to meet a guy and his family. So the guy’s family arrived almost 3 hrs late. After serving them sweets, soft drinks, tea coffee what ever, I went out of my room to meet them in the hall. Though I’m not shy in meeting them I feel embarrassed sitting infront of them, when 6,7 pairs of eyes scrutinize me in utter silence. I normally look at my father aftr 5 min to get his permission to leave the hall. That day I couldn’t make eye contact with him and I waited for 5 more min, and excused myself.

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Guy’s mom and sister in law followed me to my room immediately.

Aunt: Can you wear sari(I was wearing a chudidhar), it will be good to see.

Me: Ok aunty(I was not particulary annoyed by this, I know many elders expect the girl to be in sari when they come to see. I like wearing too :p )

Aftr 10 min,

Guy’s Sister in law: This is the way u go office also. U dont plait you hair?

Me: I do sometimes, not daily.

Aunt: Y don’t u plait your hair now then?

My mom jumped in to save me.

My mom: She lost lot of hair due to hairfall. Earlier she used to have very thick hair which looks good when we plait.(I still have good hair)

Sis in law: U don’t oil you hair? Do you?

Me: I do.

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Sis in law: Then y hairfail?

Me: Banglore is polluted city and I daily travel to office in lot of traffic. It would have caused.

Sis in law: (Not paying attention to what I say) U go to office with oil applied on hair na?

Me: No, I apply when I’m at home.

Sis in law: Thats the reason y u have hair fall.

Me: Many of my friends have good and thick hair they don’t apply oil to office.

Sis in law: No u should keep the oil whole day on 6 days of the week. Only then ur hair will be good.

Me: Ok

Aunt: Where is ur sister.?

Me: She has office today. She couldn’t come.

Aunt: How she looks?

Me: She is lean and taller than me.

Sis in law: Color? (I lost it here, skin color of my sister? Y r u bothered)

Me: Same like me.

Sis in law: Can u show a pic of hers?

Me: I don’t have right now. (I didn’t want to show her. My bad, my mobile was next to me. she pointed it and asked u don’t have a single pic of ur sister’s!) This is new mobile not sure if I have. Let me check.(all the time she was staring at my screen when I was searching) I found one and showed her.(She showed it to everyone in their family. !!)

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Sis in law: (Now the Washing machine in my room grabbed her attention). U ppl wash clothes in this?(what else a washing machine is meant for)

Mom: yes

Sis in law: I don’t think this does proper cleaning.. blah blah blah.

I don’t know what she spoke after that I completely stopped listening.

And this continued for almost 20 to 30 min. And one more thing is that aunt was very affectionate, very affectionate that she couldn’t take off her eyes and hands from my jewellery.

The Mother inlaw n Daughter in law had so much compatibility, that I felt they are made for for each other. !! 

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