Birth chart can predict about a love marriage or arranged marriage?

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The birth chart may help you know whether there will be a love marriage or an arranged marriage. Our birth chart miraculously predicts each and every detail about our life provided the best astrologer analyzes it. In Astrology, it is easier to determine whether one will have an arranged or love marriage based on the planetary combinations in the house. Some people have love-cum-arrange marriages which can also be seen through the birth chart. Let’s explore-

Can birth charts predict love or arranged marriage?  

In the birth chart, the 5th house is the house of love and romance. We said love only not marriage! So, it has to have some connections with something depicting marriage. Here, we are talking about the seventh house which is the house of marriage and spouse. If there is any connection between the 5th and 7th house through placement or through aspect then there is a possibility of love marriage.

We said the possibility of love marriage, not the surety! To confirm the possibility of love marriage, one has to involve the 11th house, which is the house of fulfilling desires. If the 11th house says yes, the person 100% gets love marriage only. The 8th house is also the house of secret affairs. Its involvement may give love affairs and extramarital affairs. Since the relationship is hidden most of the time, it is an unorthodox or immoral relationship. It is said that the involvement of the eight house doesn’t give healthy or stereotypical love relations it is mostly away from the social norms.

So, the best astrologer can make love or arranged marriage predictions by using the permutations and combinations in the birth chart. The marriage astrologer looks for other houses and their involvement to know the success or failure of a love affair. Similarly, in the case of an arranged marriage, the involvement of the good and bad houses depicts the success and failure of an arranged marriage.

Thus, these abovementioned houses decide the possibility of love marriage in a person’s life. However, the primary houses are the 5th and 7th houses. The 5th house depicts the element of fun and pleasure in a person’s life. So, it gives an idea about how vibrant a person will be for forming a love relationship. Its connection with the 7th, 8th, and eleventh house gives the overall tone of the love marriage. The person generally has an arranged marriage if no relation between these houses is formed.

Which planet is responsible for love marriage or arranged marriage?

Not just the houses but the planets and signs also indicate love or arranged marriage prediction for a person. The signs Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces signify a love marriage. The planets which are responsible for love marriage are Mars, Venus, Rahu, Mercury, and Moon. The planet Jupiter is a karaka of an arranged marriage. Let’s understand their role in driving a person towards a love marriage or an arranged marriage.

Mars: The planet Mars is a planet of passion and bodily pleasures. If Mars is forming any relation with the 5th house or its lord, then the person has an attraction towards bodily pleasures or another gender. This gives masculine tendencies inside and the person is very passionate about the other gender. Here, it is very important to check the position of Mars as it can give both healthy and immoral love relations.

Venus: The planet Venus is the karaka of love and romance. It has feminine energy and the person under its influence generally is too charming to be resisted by the other gender. People tend to get attracted to such a person, and there is a strong possibility of falling in love relation.

Rahu: The planet Rahu is the planet of unorthodox thinking. It pushes the natives to break traditional norms. The person under its influence may establish inter cast relations. The person may also marry someone out of religion.

Moon: The planet Moon is a plant of emotions that are needed to establish an ove relation. It shows the warmth, feelings, and sentiments one can have for his/her love partner.

Mercury: Planet Mercury is a planet of fun and socialization. Mercury just wishes to have fun and party with friends. If it has any connections with the fifth house, the person may be interested in finding someone to have fun with. However, it doesn’t show serious love relations and mostly wishes to chill out only.

Jupiter: The planet Jupiter is the wisest and most knowledgeable planet of the astrological cabinet. It shows moral values and traditions. A person under its influence never goes out of the moral and traditional norms. There is a possibility of an arranged marriage only.

Sun: The planet Sun shows the absence of warmth and emotions rather, ego and pride are the terms connected with it. So, if there is an influence of the Sun in the fifth house, then either the person has no love relations or even if has then ego problems spoil it. Thus, there are more chances of an arranged marriage.

Thus, an astrological analysis may predict the chances of arranged and love marriage for a person. Visit the best astrologer to get a clearer picture of your marred life and life partner.


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