The Commonly Asked Questions About IUI Treatment in India

by Raman K. Author

Q.)What do you mean by IUI and what is its procedure?

It is intrauterine insemination. In this process a thin thread is inserted through the cervix with the help of a catheter and then washed sperm is injected in to the uterus. This process doesn’t take much time.

Q.) When is the best time to go for IUI?

IUI must be performed within 6 hours on either side of ovulation. In case of HCG injections it is done 1 to two days later.

Q.) Where is the sperm collected during IUI? How long before the IUI is the sperm collected?

 The semen is collected into a sterile collection container. The sample can be collected from the home also but it needs to get deposited in the hospital or centre within an hour of ejaculation.

The time required for this process depends upon the type of process involved in it. It may vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Q.) Is IUI painful?

Thanks to the thin flexible catheter that most women find painless while its installation during IUI. There can be some cramping in the stomach but that is due to ovulation which is misunderstood to be IUI related pain.

Q.)should I lie down after an IUI?

It is recommended by the doctor to lie down on the table for at least 15 to 20 minutes after the process.

Q.)Does IUI effects my normal routine ?

It is recommended by the doctors to take rest from heavy work. People who are engaged in heavy works or do workouts, aerobic another such activity may ease doing so for some days. This will help in smooth installation.

Q.) Till what time should a male abstain from intercourse befiore IUI?

The time interval must not exceed seventy two hours since the last ejaculation to ensure best quality semen. In case of low sperm count, it is advised to wait for 48 hours between ejaculation and collection of semen sample from the male.

Q.) How long does it take after IUI for implantation to occur?

It generally takes six to twelve days after the ovulation is done.

Q.)  How is the monitoring done for IUI Cycle?

It demands upon the treatment of the female. Clomids can help in monitoring but can be used seldom. More care is required during the case of ultrasound and blood-work due to gonadotropins.

Q.) what do you mean by sperm washing?

It is the process of separation of sperm cells from other associated cells and fluid.

Q.) Is IUI effectiveafter tubal litigation?

No, IUI cannot work after tubal litigation because it prevents the sperm and eggs from meeting. 

Here above some Common questions which is usually ask by Couple from India interested in IUI Treatment.

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