Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull: An Imposing Figure

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It is known that there were very territorial dinosaurs, as many fossils of the same species were found. It also makes us think they were a cannibal, that is, they ate each other. On the other hand, some fossils were found together, which means they lived in groups and are supposed to have hunted together. They probably lived with their children until they reached some maturity.

The largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever discovered is called "Sue" by the paleontologist Sue Hendrickson who discovered it. According to Sue's measurements, the T-Rex is one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs ever found, with height of 4 meters to 12 meters. According to a recent analysis by Sue published Tyrannosaurus weighed up to 9 tonnes. This prehistoric reptile had strong legs and a strong tail, balanced with its large head. Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull length is 1.5 m, and was able to move quickly. Tyrannosaurus Rex had the strongest bite ever. The T-Rex bite was capable of exercising up to 57,000 Newtons (about 6 tons). This is about the same as the force exerted by a medium-sized sitting elephant.

As Tyrannosaurus rex grew older, they stopped hunting and ate carrion. As they grew older, they lost their teeth, became inedible, weakened, and finally died in remote quarantine.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Teeth- an important part of their skull

Considered one of the most effective carnivores, this large tyrannosaurus rex skull had a mouth full of saw teeth. The largest carnivorous dinosaur tooth ever found is about 30 inches long. But not all teeth of this large carnivorous dinosaur have the same function.

In particular, the dinosaur's front teeth were used to grab and pull prey. The teeth on that side tore the flesh, and the teeth on the back chopped the flesh, pushing food down into the throat. Importantly, the T-Rex's teeth were wide and slightly rounded (rather than a flat dagger), allowing it to withstand the forces applied during combat with its prey. They could measure up to 20 centimeters and had very strong bites that could break the skull of their prey.

Tyrannosaurus rex is a giant carnivorous dinosaur so they ate most herbivorous dinosaurs, including Triceratops and Edmontosaurus. T. Rex was probably an opportunistic dinosaur, probably eating a carcass, but it wasn't a very abundant and adequate source of food. T. Rex probably had a difficult life. Every time they were hungry, they had to go out and kill them to get food."

They are also known to eat their own kind of carcasses. It's unclear if these cannibalistic dinosaurs fought until they killed each other, or if they happened to meet, they ate only the carcasses of their own species. Scientists also don't know if Tyrannosaurus Rex hunted alone or in a puck. In 2014, researchers found traces of Tyrannosaurus rex on the slopes of the Canadian Rockies. There were seven traces, three belonging to that species. These dinosaurs had no predators. The only threat is probably other animals of that species, or perhaps a herd of other carnivorous dinosaurs.

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