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Tyrannosaurus Skull undoubtedly makes an interesting topic for many; but as a common person, many of us might be confused between tyrannosaurus and T-Rex or don’t know any other form of Tyrannosaurus other than T-Rex.

But Tyrannosauruses comes in the types of

1. LythronaxArgestes.

2. DaspletosaurusTorosus.

3. TeratophoneusCurriei.

4. BistahieversorSealeyi.

5. NanotyrannosaurusLancensis.

6. Tyrannosaurus Rex

7. TarbosaurusBataar.

8. YutyrannusHuali.

9. Zhuchengtyrannus Magnus.

Lythronax contrasted from most other tyrannosaurids for of its abbreviated skull with an expanded back, as its forward-coordinated orbits. The forward-coordinated orbits of Lythronax would have upgraded the field of view on its binocular vision by expanding the partition between the orbits and making their views more corresponding to one another (for example diminishing the optic hub divergence), which would have given Lythronax profundity recognition.

Daspletosaurus had a giant skull, reaching more than 1 meter (3.3 ft) long. Large openings in skull diminishes its weight. A grown-up Daspletosaurus was outfitted with around six dozen teeth. Unique skull features include incorporated the unpleasant external surface of the maxilla (upper jaw bone) and the articulated peaks around the eyes on the lacrimal, postorbital, and jugal bones.

Teratophoneus varies from different Tyrannosaurs in that the skull is more limited and it has fewer teeth. It could be a more basal type of tyrannosaur.

Bistahieversor is not quite the same as different tyrannosaurs in that it had an additional opening over its eye attachments that would oblige an additional air sack to help the skull. It had a fall along the lower jaw and an additional joint that permitted its jawed to "lock", like Tarbosaurus from Asia.

The skull of Nanotyrannus is little for a tyrannosaurid dinosaur (60 centimetres in length), yet scientists have noticed the all-around created hardening of the skull, which is broadly seen to be an element demonstrative of a grown-up person. Other saw grown-up parts of the skull persuaded Bakker that this was not an adolescent example of a generally huge theropod dinosaur, yet a grown-up of a small theropod (extrapolated to be around 5 meters complete body-length).

The state of Nanuqsaurus Hoglundi's skull proposed it had an expanded region of its cerebrum committed to smell, which recommends the creature depended vigorously on aroma to chase its prey.

There are a couple of huge contrasts between Tyrannosaurus rex and TarbosaurusBataar. In Tyrannosaurus rex, the top piece of the lacrimal is inwardly shaped,and, in TarbosaurusBataar the same piece of bone piece of bone is domed.

Zhuchengtyrannus can be recognized from remaining tyrannosauruses by a solitary autapomorphy, the presence of a level rack on the sidelong surface of the base of the climbing cycle of the maxilla, and an adjusted score in the front edge of the maxillary fenestra.

Initially,Tyrannosaurus’s head’s distinctiveness made a confusion amongst Paleontologists to make it fit under a certain family tree.

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