Fascinating Facts To Know About This Historic T Rex

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The gigantic T. Rex got crowned as the king of Dinosaur. But what exactly is the reason behind getting such a big honour for this large animal of all time? The fact is that there was no other dinosaur fossil discovered so far that can match the parameters of this T rex fossil. The largest specimen, of T. Rex, was found in the year 1991 in Saskatchewan. It was the largest among the other t Rex Skeletons found in other parts of the USA and Canada. It got displayed in front of the public, in the American Museum of Natural History in New York, amazing facts came in front of the people.


T Rex seemed to remain covered under the furry feathers after hatching. It gave the look of a little penguin or like chicken. But the animal grew extremely fast, and it could start preying at just the age of four. But, as per research, it has been revealed that the general longevity of this species was 28 years. So, it’s too young that they die.


The T rex skeletons are proofs those tyrannosaurs rex used to pulverize the bones of the prey. They could chop up the bones of its prey with a powerful bite and strong teeth. Research work is done, by Paul Gignac and Gregory Erickson at Oklahoma State University in Tulsa. To guess the power of the bites of the tyrannosaur’s rex, they studied crocodiles known to be the closest relative of dinosaurs. The research estimated the chewing force of T. Rex.


It also revealed that the single bite of a dinosaur was capable of generating a force of up to 34000 newtons. So, the t. rex was able to crush the bones of the prey easily due to the extreme bite strength and shape of the teeth. It possesses two thin clawed arms with two fingers. The length of the Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeletons is 42.6 feet, and it weighed almost 900 pounds. 


The Tyrannosaur family roamed on the earth for more than 100 million years. Tyrannosaur rex was the last species of this family. This species lived the last 67 million years ago in the late Cretaceous period. It has also revealed that the dinosaur, used to have killer eyesight. With the help of the two front-facing eyes, the gigantic animal was able to view their prey. It also had a great power of smell and excellent capability to hear everything. 


After it hatched, the little T Rex used to remain covered with feathers. As they grew up, they had some feathers on their body all through its life. Scientists have also claimed that T rex skeletons exposed that it had horns too.

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