Know the King of the Dinosaurs T Rex

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Tyrannosaurus Rex or T. Rex was the king of Dinosaurs of all time. It was the largest and the most frightening animal among other carnivorous species. Tyrannosaurus, the name means the Tyrant Lizard King. Due to this reason, this species got huge media exposure after the skeleton got discovered. The T Rex Bones exhibited in the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Tyrannosaurus Rex became publicly known after its exposure in the movie Jurassic Park. The President of the American Museum of Natural history, Henry Fairfield Osborn, named it Tyrannosaurus rex in the year 1905.

Where did T. Rex live?

As per Palaeontologists, most of the fossils of T. Rex found in the northwest part of Montana and South Dakota. It was also, assumed that this gigantic animal used to live in Alberta, Canada, as fossils discovered in that region. 

When and how long could T. Rex live?

From T Rex bones, the palaeontologists revealed that this type of species used to live 65 million years ago. Such types of dinosaurs were found in the cretaceous age. From the growth rings, it was revealed that this animal grew quickly. While researching the oldest specimen, researchers discovered that TRex used to die at a young age at 28 years approximately. 

Body structure

The largest skeleton of TRex that is known as Sue was 13 feet high and 40 feet long. The weight of the skeleton was 9 tons. The strongest part of the body of T. Rex is the tail.

The length of the tail remained balanced, with the large head. The tail length was of 5ft long. The forearms were structured, with only two fingers were used to kill prey and eat the meals. Tyrannosaurus Rex had a neck with thick muscles that helped them to make the bites more powerful. 

Food habit 

From the fossils of T. Rex, the diet of this largest species got understood. The teeth of the fossils reveal it used to swallow its’ prey as a whole. Besides the sharp teeth, the lower jaw of T Rex had a joint in the middle of the mouth. It helped to absorb the shock created by the prey while swallowing it. It could take anything as its’ meal. 


From the TRex bones, it has been revealed by the researchers that this was the last species of dinosaur that was existed till 67 million years ago. At the end of the cretaceous age, the species got extinct. That is the end of the era of dinosaur.

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