Start Rainwater Harvesting This Monsoon: Know The Advantages

by Priti Das Marketing Executive
Though the three-fourth of this planet is captured by water, a lot of areas are facing the crisis of water for years. The main reason behind the water crisis is the seawater is basically good for nothing. People cannot use seawater for drinking purposes as the seawater is excessively salty. As a result, a huge portion of the world is facing a crisis for drinking water. 

But, with the development of technology, various methods are being applied to reduce the scarcity of water. Rainwater harvesting is one of those methods that has been vividly appreciated worldwide. 

Penguin Tank, the leading plastic water storage tank manufacturer in Kolkata appreciates the scheme of rainwater harvesting in order to decrease the scarcity of potable water. 

What is rainwater harvesting? 

Rainwater harvesting is a simple process of collecting rainwater when it falls on the earth. When the water is collected, it is stored, purified, and utilized later for various purposes. 

There are so many rural areas where rainwater is used as the primary source of drinking water because of an excessive shortage of water. But, the best thing about rainwater is it is totally free from man-made pollutants and purely natural. This is why the process of rainwater harvesting has got worldwide acceptance with the growth of modern technologies.

How is the process of rainwater harvesting executed? 

The easiest way of rainwater harvesting is storing the water in a storage tank. Besides, the roofs of the houses play the role of a catchment for daily rainwater harvesting. Large bowls and tarps also help to harvest rainwater. 

Other techniques:

    • Surface run-off harvesting
    • Underground tanks
    • Rain saucers
    • Water collection reservoirs
    • Slopes
    • Trenches
    • Rain barrels
    • Barrage and others. 

What are the benefits of rainwater harvesting?

    • An independent source of water:

In so many areas, the water that comes from harvesting rainwater works as an independent and additional source of drinking water. People who harvest rainwater hardly go through the shortage of water for drinking and other purposes. 

    • Minimizes water bills: 

Harvesting rainwater minimizes the bills for water. Especially, this is the main reason why many industrial workplaces are switching to rainwater harvesting to save water bills for various commercial purposes. 

    • Decreases the demand for groundwater:

With the increasing population, day by day the demands for water are getting high. As a result, in order to fulfill the demand for water, the groundwater is being extracted and the water level is going low. But rainwater harvesting does not allow the level of groundwater to go lower. 

    • Reduces flood and soil erosion:

Due to excessive rainfall, the tendency of flood gets high. But, by harvesting rainwater in large storage tanks, we can easily diminish flood. 
On the other hand, rainwater harvesting is effective enough to subdue soil erosion also. 

    • Supports in the drought: 

There are so many countries where drought is very frequent. People of these countries, utilize the previously-stored rainwater for several purposes due to the lack of rainfall and an extreme shortage of water. For these countries, the process of rainwater harvesting works as a support system. 

The importance of storing water especially for drinking purposes is simply beyond words. Switch to rainwater harvesting and help to lessen the water crisis. Store water in the best quality plastic water storage tanks

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