Follow These Simple Water Saving Tips At Workplace

by Priti Das Marketing Executive
It is important to save water not only at our homes but also at our workplaces. Water conservation can help and is a must and everyone can contribute, from a toddler learning to brush teeth to a multinational corporation learning to sell products in a more resource-aware manner. We consider saving water at homes but at work, it is ignored. We need to pay attention to water saving tips at our workplaces to reduce water usage and wastages. Let us see how. 

  • Check the faucets for leaks regularly and get it fixed immediately. You can check with a water meter or flow instructor for any water wastage.
  • Attach aerators to hand washing faucets that use less water than conventional faucets. Also, replace tap washers and sales annually. 
  • Replace single flush toilets with dual flush toilets. Install water efficient urinals with smart controls to reduce unnecessary flushing. 
  • Reuse or recycle water wherever and whenever possible. 
  • Make your staff water wise by implementing water saving initiatives and including water saving policies in staff inductions. Let the staffs contribute to water saving ideas. 
  • Install water efficient fixtures in toilets and kitchen. 
  • Put sign up reminders to turn off the water while lathering or scrubbing hands then turn it back on to rinse. 
  • Set reminders to compost food scraps instead of using the garbage disposal that uses water each time. 
  • Make use of sweeping instead of washing the sidewalks and floors on a daily basis.
  • If watering is required, do it in the morning as it is cooler and more water goes into the soil instead of evaporating. Use drought-tolerant plants. 
  • If using evaporative air conditioners, set the thermostat to 24degrees. Use fans and natural ventilation wherever possible. Switch off heating and cooling after hours. 
  • Use products and appliances with a water efficiency label. 

Install a good quality Plastic water storage tank to get fresh water throughout day and night. Consider Penguin water tanks for the same as they are environment-friendly and best quality plastic water tanks in India. Saving water is an individual’s responsibility and therefore, the necessary steps should be taken on an individual basis first and then on the whole. Whether it is home or works place, water is used throughout day and night. By taking the above mentioned simple and easy steps, we can save gallons of water on a daily basis and save our mother Earth. 

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