Top Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

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Like Benjamin Franklin once said, "When the well's dry, we know the worth of water." Doesn't this make so much sense today?

Statistics show that potable, AKA freshwater, has become an extremely scarce resource, and water conservation is more important than ever. Thanks to environmental engineering companies such as Larsen Engineers, we've got a potential solution. As we try to tread gently on Earth, rainwater harvesting is gaining dramatic traction in many communities.

But what is rainwater harvesting, and how can it help us save water in the long run?

What is Rainwater Harvesting?

Before we dig any deeper, let's brush up on our knowledge about the basics of rainwater harvesting. It's a simple method used to collect, store, convey, and purify rainwater. Rainwater harvesting is considered one of the most cost-effective ways to conserve water. It can be used to collect rainwater running off from residential and commercial rooftops, open ground, and parks.

Moving further, the collected water can be purified and supplied to meet domestic needs such as cooking, bathing, cleaning, and irrigation.

Here are the top three benefits of rainwater harvesting:

1.   Reduces Flooding and Erosion

Harvesting rainwater can significantly reduce flooding and erosion. It can control soil erosion and save crops during rainy seasons by reducing the amount of standing water. What's more, coupling the rainwater harvesting system with stormwater control can reduce flooding in vulnerable areas.

2.   Reduces Demand on Ground Water

The next, most obvious benefit of rainwater harvesting is the improvement of freshwater resources. Rainwater can be easily stored instead of digging deep wells that can destroy the soil. Using rainwater to meet emergency needs can help during droughts and groundwater depletion.

3.   It's Easy to Implement and Sustainable

Sustainable residential and commercial landscapes have become increasingly popular across NY. And a great way to make communities adopt greener choices is to make them aware of rainwater harvesting.

Modern environmental engineers at Larsen Engineers suggest that rainwater harvesting systems can be designed on pavements. From parks, homes, malls, and hospitals to sports grounds, rainwater can be stored and collected almost anywhere. Using a unique blend of gravel in between pavers and percolates, rainwater can be purified for storage.

This not only improves the water cycle but also adds additional protection to the environment.

How Can Larsen Engineers Help You

At Larsen Engineers, private and state sector agencies can avail reliable and extremely proficient community planning and environment engineering services in NY. The company aims to help people prioritize strategic thinking when designing projects.

Larsen Engineers offers solar energy consulting solutionsLEED-certified municipal engineering, solid waste management, Multi-disciplinary consulting engineering, construction phase services, and much more.

Check out their wide range of services, or contact the team right now.


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