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Hello everyone in this section we're going to build an Instagram clone with firebase. So let me show you how our new app will look like. So we have a sign in activity in which users can either digital marketing course create an account for them or if they already have an account they can just sign in as you can see I have already and they can and I can just click sign in after I give my username and password.

I just go here and say at possed and in here, of course, I tend to choose a photo from and after choosing the photo that I want I just Suraiya that commands and me upload my picture and after I click upload it says posts share and I see my a recent picture in here. So that's the application that we're going to build.The important thing in here is that we're going to use digital marketing course in Delhi firebase this time in that section. We have learned parts. Now we're going to learn about firebase so that you will get to choose between firebase and Parr's you get to just compare the advantages and disadvantages of those two backend services. 

Here is the list:

  • You will be able to create your own social media or your own applications with server capabilities and backend services like firebase and Par's you will be a more than intermediate in programming in Koplin.I hope you will have your great application idea in your mind digital marketing course after this section. I hope you start and finish your own application. Now we're going to build our second social media application which is an Instagram Columb. Now we want to use the place. Rather we will use something called firebase. 
  • So you will get to learn both firebase and parse so you can compare between them and you can choose your favorite to build social media applications. After this section. You will be capable of building any kind of application almost any kind of application you want in Koplin under periods of development. So I hope you're ready. Just go and watch the first lecture. So first thing digital marketing course to do to start our Instagram clone is to create a new project and I will name it. Koechlin Instagram firebase is OK. And don't forget to include Koplin support. As usual, I'm choosing no empty activity and this activity. I will name it to sign in activity rather than the main activity because we will have more than one activity again. Actually three activities and a class so I will name them all in order to avoid any confusion.  
  • Truly Second we will learn new things about firebase about user experience user interface so that you will get to apply all of this info in your own app. Our project is ready to let's go and look at we can see sign inactivity. Yes, let's go to our layout and see how our famous Hello worked. So actually we are now or is he going with firebase. First of all, we need to include digital marketing course firebase in our application. How do you do that? Let's go too far your base dot Google dot com. So far your base is a service provided by Google. So if you go to firebase that Google dot com it will take you to their council. 


  • So if you don't have any google account please sign up from here. And if you have one just go to the council K and I think you have a Google account by now. Because before does digital marketing course application we actually use the Google Maps on everything. You had to have a Google account anyway right. So click on here add a project and choose a project name so I will name it. Koplin firebase Instagram and choose a country united states or wherever you are right now. It really doesn't matter. Just click on Create project and it will create one for you. 
  • So this is the dashboard of firebase And of course, we're going to choose ads firebase to your Android app design. So click on here. I had to ask you the under-rate packaging so how do we get the package you need. Maybe you remember we just got does a little line here digital marketing course and this is our packaging. So we fill the register our package name to the Google database again so that our app will be connected to our file. Your basic account APNIC name is optional. 

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