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If you have a signing certificate or something like this you can just choose your or you can just right here this is optional as well. So I will just say the register app. And after that this is important. It will give you a Google services that Jason. So you have to download this JSM file and save this file to your computer. And what you have to do you have to Digital marketing course in Delhi put that file into your application so that it will have the necessary configuration to run from your base within your app. So let me close this down. And as you can see it saves Srishti the project view and just move the Google services under Android app. 

So that's why I'm going to have the go-to project for you. We have currently the Android we're in here Cade left pain site you left pain so click on here and choose projects and this is the same thing actually but in a different look. So this is more complex because it includes every folder digital marketing course every file in the project folder in the Android. Look we only see the necessary file to edit our body in Project. Look we see everything. So what we have to do we have to take Does Jason File that we have downloaded and we need Dondre up. 

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And it will bring the Google services Jason under. Yep. So exactly like here. Right. So after that, you can just go back to the younger of you now since we have completed this stop just click on continue. And finally, we have to add this class pads and plug in thing. So we're going to Digital marketing course in delhi do that under Bill. 
1. And the first thing is the project level build up. They'll just copy these line and go over to your app here and under a great deal, you will see two great tools. First one is project and the second one is app level greater. 
2. So choose the project level grateful and that's where we're going to copy paste this class thing. So we have to do that under dependencies. So this is a dependency. Let's go over here and paste this and say sync. 
3. Now synchronize now what it will do it will Digital marketing course in Delhi just download the necessary files for us to run the firebase OK. And after 

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It's completed indexing and everything just goes back to your browser again and find the other one. So you play again at the app level. Build great. So go back to the build graded but this time app level and bottom of the page we can just say apply play again. Now. So after doing all these things and after is just finished writing you will be ready. Now I think you're ready just say finishing here and we'll taxi take you to your dashboard where you will have the access to the necessary sections here. But we have to check if we manage to include firebase successfully for dad. I will just go to create Metzer the here and create a function and just type firebase and we see the ply bays now. I think we Digital marketing course in delhi are ready to use the firebase But you know we need to be sure. I will just start this application and if we did something wrong I think it will crash and you have some errors and we did some everything right then it will do nothing basically because we will just see the hello world. Right. Let's see. Let's open the locking cap as well.
  • Yeah, something's going on here. Data. Yeah. So it's started. Most probably we did everything great and we are now ready to implement firebase. We are now or is used for your base in our application. Now let me show you briefly what is Firebirds And how is it different from the parcel. So if you go back to your dashboard you will just see that Digital marketing course in delhi it has some sections here like authentication database storage housing and everything. So this is already built in the server right. We have to create our own server using Amazon services we use posh but this is a service provided by Google. So it comes with its own server OK. So we have already our databasing here. 

  • We have storage where we can save our images we can save our videos and everything. We have a user class tend to Asian here in which we will adjust we will configure the settings for creating users. So this is basically the same thing with parsha cape but it's a little bit different. It's a little bit easy to use in terms of Sherburne and everything because it comes with the package. It comes by Google but I think part has a Digital marketing course in delhi little more user-friendly coding documentation and it is easier to code with parse that thinks it is. Yeah, it is easy to code with firebase as a vote. But to compare each other is easier in my opinion. But maybe you will like firebase more and you will choose to use firebase within your own application.

  • That's perfectly fine. Think after Perl shut down and it made itself our push source everybody just switch from Parr's to firebase anyway. So what we have here is underrated. Actually, we have an assistant editor to use with firebase because the Android studio and the firebase they're both provided by Google. We can synchronize our Digital marketing course in delhi application with fiber easily. So how do we do that? We go over here to tools and we choose firebase. And once we choose the firebase it gives us some options. And let me close this. Chad and you can see better. You see we have like this and now litigates year we have like to creation here and errancy and we will start with authentication because we will start with creating art and signing up and signing in users.

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