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Now let's change our course and look let's change our let's look and see how we can come up with a new location here. So best digital marketing course we have to find the latitude and longitude in order to do that. Go to maps dot Google dot com or any map you want. 
OK. So within this map, we have to find a location and from that location, we have to learn the latitude and longitude. So just choose your favorite location here. I will just type Amsterdam like Amsterdam Central Station K and it will take me to the central station. And so how I can find the best digital marketing course in Delhi the latitude and longitude now. So yes now I'm in Amsterdam and I need to find the latitude and longitude. 

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  1. There are two methods to get latitude and longitude first. You already see the latitude and longitude within the link you're out after at Side. So this is our latitude and this is our Longet. So best digital marketing course in Delhi you can just directly copy it from here. Or you can get the latitude and longitude from here by clicking on this little marker in here and say what is this place.
  2.  So here you can see the latitude and longitude. So just copy the latitude first. OK. And copy with Control-C and go to your code and paste it in here for latitude and copy the longitude and go and paste her spectrum place. 
  3. So now the map will take us to Amsterdam so I will add the best digital marketing course in Delhi marker to the same location and we better change the location to Amsterdam. Now, Kate, this is Amsterdam and this is also Amsterdam. Now let's see and run our application if we could change the location. Say this is how you find specific locations within a given coordinate. So here we go. We are now. 
  4. Someone somewhere else not in Australia. Just zoom in into the red marker here as you can see the red marker best digital marketing course in Delhi now say is a marker in Amsterdam. And if you just go in and in by double-clicking and think takes a while because of this connection speeds Yeah.
  5.  But we are now in the same place as you can see we are exactly in the Central Station of Amsterdam. So you can just use this code when you try to create some contact information page for instance and you can change some code from here like if you want it just Jhoom to the point that you are trying to just open the map rather than just type in a click in every time you have to choose camera update factory.

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 But now not new Let blank but new look blank zoom. OK. So that you can open your map with a predefined zoom level. So you have other options here as well. You're more than welcome to play with them. And here it will ask you to use two parameters. One is the location the best
 digital marketing course in Delhi lead Plunk and this is still Amsterdam. And we'll ask a lot, Kate. So you can just type K and it does not recognize it as a thought.
  •  So just type of on the right side of it. OK. So either you just create a fault variable first and put it in here or you can just type F to make it explicit that this is slot as you can see. 
  • Now it is zoomed out. When you open it you don't have to go all the way in and you can play with the zoom level and you can find your favorite zoom level. Now let's try flocked to yes and let's see what this looks best digital marketing course in Delhi like. And I think this is more zoomed down. We want. Right. 
  • So let's try something like or I don't know. You can just type. You have to find your own optimum level because you can just use it from now on k. So as you can see you can wander out the city you can just look to the places as does how the background of Google Maps you can see predefined streets predefined shops pre-define to restaurants and everything. 
  • So this is very very ideal for your map for your application. And you can just tap here to navigate to the market. OK. So it will navigate from the current location and your user will know how to get there. Caven, you have a marker so you can just close everything and turn back to your app.
  •  So now let's stop here and continue the best digital marketing course in Delhi with the next lecture. Enough to make this lecture into a very long one.

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