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Hello everyone. Now we are done with the basics the essentials and we're coming on to the intermediate subjects like list fees. So within the section, we're going to learn about lists we use digital marketing agencies and we're going to build an exemplary app out of it called landmark book. I hope you enjoy it. Let's go into it. Hello everyone. Today we're going to learn a very crucial very important subject of Android development that is list to you. So we're going to build a landmark book using this list for your objects and what we're going to do is actually we're going to list some landmarks here.
And when we click on it we will see the image and the name of our Lemarc. Of course, you can add some description of the history your description of the Lamarque as well but I will just show the name of that. OK. So this is a very important concept because we generally use do this we use digital agencies in Pune in almost every application. It's very practical to use and we will learn how to use it in almost every case from now on. So let me close this project here and create a new project. OK. And let's name it. Coplan landmark book. OK. And click on next and finish. So list use actually let us Virk with lists. OK aerialists.

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So imagine we have an array list and we will integrate that array list in our lists we use so that we can display the values in aerialist. OK so here we have the text for you. Let's get rid of this and let's find the list view object list widget in here. That is the one. So just drag and drop the list. You all you have to do is just get digital agencies in Pune an idea. OK. So I will call that list view. And once I click on enter and once I get an ID it's already generating some layout for us. As you can see we can place items one by one or something. Right now we don't have any constraints so I will just say infer constraints it will be stretched to the edges anyway.
  • And let me open this in my emulator so my emulator will be ready when I write some code. And of course you can just play with the constraints play with the size here but I will use this as the whole screen. OK. Just stretch it to digital agencies in Pune the edges and integrate my aerialists then use it.
  • So since now, I don't have any data I don't see any list here in the next lecture we're going to add some lists. We're going to see how to add some lists for you and how to display the values to the user. So let's stop here and continue within the next lecture. Let's start by adding another activity to our project in this lecture so that we will have our blueprint of the project anyway.
  • So I will choose a gallery here an empty activity. Let's choose the name this time I will call this detailed activity because we're going to show the details of the chosen place. Right. If someone wants to display the digital agencies in Pune PISA tower in the details activity we're going to say detail as the details of the tower.

This is the image of Pisa tower et cetera et cetera OK.
So I will need this detailed activity here. So let's go and look to the layout of the retail activity. So here we don't have anything right now. What we need is an image view to show the image of the chosen place. Right. So drag and drop some digital agencies in Pune image of you-you can just choose a placeholder image like this one or you can choose some color like let's choose this great thing. In order to make it visible to us, for now, lay out the Liddon height. Let's give it a hundred and fifty pixels.
Maybe it's a little bit smaller maybe I should make just like this one. OK, I think. Right. So you can adjust your dpi in. So this is now k I think one other thing to add here is a text for you to show the name of digital agencies in Pune the chosen place. As I said before you can add in the link and just display the history of the landmark or the details of the landmark as well. But I will just show the name and you will know how to do it. From now on. So let me adjust the text size here. And finally the text alignment as well. So now I change my details activity is ready just infer the constraints and maybe I can just add just this here a little bit yeah. It has an ID in you. And let's see this has an ID as well. TEXT YOU. Since we have so few objects I want to change IDs for right now at least we are ready. Let's do the rest in the next lecture.

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