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by Manoj Singh rathore Digital Marketing Head and Founder
You are looking for digital marketing services in Delhi NCR then you need to look at the list. If you've never used photoshop before in this video I'm going to show you some of the basics of the application such as creating a new document using some of the tools and changing their options navigating around the workspace and then finally how to save a document and then open internet marketing company it again later. Now, these steps and processes can also be used throughout the whole Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. So you'll find that some of these sayings will be the same as you go through different applications of Adobe.
So to begin we're going to create a new document and you can do that one of two ways. If you're on the welcome screen you can click the create a new list of digital marketing companies in delhi ncr button and that will open up the new document window for you or you can go to the top and click on the file and then select new whenever you do that that will open the new document window for us.

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Now if we have saved in the items you will find them here or you can pick any of the presets at the top now for this document. We're going to go ahead and set up our own options and settings. So the first thing that we'll want to do is name the document. Now since this is the list of digital marketing companies in delhi ncr lesson on navigating Photoshop I'll just call this navigation. Now you can call it anything that you would like for the dimensions we want to set the width and height. Currently, it's reading as inches which is great if you're doing anything and print. 
  1. However, if we're working for Save the Web we will want to use pixels. So let's go ahead and change the pixel dimension and then you can see that it converts the width and height from the inches to the pixels for us. Now I just want to match this to a standard HD video high definition video which you'll find in most monitors. 
  2. I'm going to highlight the width and just change this to and change the height to ten eighty which is the standard high definition dimensions. Now you can change the list of digital marketing companies in delhi ncr orientation make it either vertical or horizontal. You can do some art boards which we can talk about later on and then you can set the resolution. 
  3. Now, this is how densely the pixels are per inch and how crisp and clear the image will look. So typically if you're working with the print you'll want which is what it was set to. But if you're working for the web you want to keep this number a little lower and make it look good.
  4. So you reduce file size so we're just going to change that too and then we'll leave the color mode to be a bit and then we can say how do we want the background to look. So do we want to start off with a list of digital marketing companies in delhi ncr white background? We can pick this and actually if you scroll if you drag this down you can see there are more options.
  5. We can have a black background we can pick a certain color. We can have a transparent background and we can click a custom background. Now it starts off with white. If you're used to other versions of Photoshop you might be used to picking a transparent background and you can select that right here.

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But we'll just start off with white and then we'll hit the create button that opens up the main workspace of Photoshop where we can begin working. You can see it's created our image and this is in the high def by. Size however we're currently zoomed out. We're actually not filling up the whole screen. 
If we were to be at percent this would take up my screen perfectly. And that's not the case. Now if you look at the top internet marketing company you'll see a tab. And it says navigation at sixty-six point seven percent are G.B. eight. So that's the name of the document navigation.
This is are how much we're zoomed in. So we're at sixty-six point seven percent. And also RG is a color mode with a bit depth color. So that just gives us some color information at the bottom. You also see a zoom number so it shows sixty-six point six seven percent here and then gives some information about the document also. Now if your workspace looks a little different than mine it's because I've set up my own workspace and I've saved it under my name.
So by going up to the top, you can go to the window and you can go to a workspace and here you can see I've created my own workspace which I've set up my own tabs and panels that I want. You might want to use the essentials workspace when starting out just because it might be a little easier to follow along.
But if you can't find any of the panels that I'm using you'll find them down here. So if I'm using something like say the histogram and you don't see that you can click on a histogram and that will open it up on the panel side to the right. 
So let's take a look at those panels right now we have an info panel but then we have a properties panel if we click on the properties panel it will actually give us information about the document.
So here you can see it says with twenty-six point six six seven inches and eight inches and our resolution that we set pixels to punch. Now we wanted to work in pixels but this is showing inches and that's because it's done in a setting or a preference inside of Photoshop that we might want to go ahead and change if we're working in pixels and not for print.

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