Creating Assets Now !

by Marius Wlassak Business Media Consultant

As promised in our latest news, RELAX ...
we continue with some special updates.

  • Hope you're all fine - here it is still Christmas Time & kind of strange silence is in the air; so I need a little feedback on the following:

here it goes ... After all, Santa Claus exist ... LoL

We work here on a revolution -

1.) it's the possibility of visualizing online streams directly on a screen saver, even when people are not using the computer... automatically...

2.) this will be very good and strong marketing for any business, with this cutting edge development we can personalize dedicated streams for each business needs ... so companies can distribute also their own screensavers to employees, friends and clients...

3.) now the marketing (and the cost) is making the streams appealing to anyone ... that~s our task ... he he he

4.) the possibilities will be endless ... yet, users that download the screensaver will have two opportunities:

  • one is earning money via OR2.Live, costing near 9.9 dollars per month and it is completely automated by the affiliation system that we have so far ... the other is unlocking buttons ... that you will better understand on the public version that we are developing ...

5.) so, we will upload this to all free libraries and archives on the net so people can download it for free ...
will be cool, without paying anything will do branding and marketing on our behalf

6.) and so much more ... the possibilities are endless, my friends ... we can even sell advertising to coca cola to appear on artistic multimedia screens ... and personalize screensavers for businesses will be a game changer...

7.) We will make more examples for you ... and we will place this on a proper website with all explanations and demos...
* in Germany, India and worldwide in fact we can sell this for many millions ...

8.) you see, newbies love this kind of stuff ... there are people outthere which have a computer just because anyone else bought one ... they simply love screensavers since they don't need to use a computer LoL ... 

And from the same screensaver they can even read e-books, watch video streams of all kinds and TV / movies or just listen to music; or listen to any kind of marketing audio material. 

In between all these possibilities, you can always switch on the screensaver with a single mouse click.

9.) we are talking here about a 6 billion persons Niche...

  • twice the facebook market...
  • Let me write this down : think BIG... what else is comparable outthere ? (LoL)

10.) branding is the key and we can do it ... you don't know half of what we're doing actually ... we are working on a kind of H, revolutionizing G :)

  • get ready, my friends ... we will keep you updated on this very soon ... 

    Now read again and tell me - would this be interesting ?

    until then ... Stay tuned for the upcoming news & >>> RELAX

As some of you may or should know, 2017 was a very important year for us...
After all, seeing our competitors vanishing as dozens (if not hundreds) of TrafficExchange Owners, shutting down Traffic systems everywhere on Internet, we are still in force ... Better and better as years pass by.

Eventually, contrary to other systems 'bubbling membership', our growth is comparable slow ... But steady :)

... but now our investments and stand alone developments will hit the big way -

Thanks for your patience!

«If you went to bed last night as an industrial company,
you’re going to wake up next morning as a software and analytics company.
Computing is not about computers anymore. It's our way of life.»

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Eva Dias Senior  dona de casa
Sera que existe vida apos a morte?
Aug 17th 2018 18:00   
Joaquin F. Advanced  Telco CEO
Think BIG.
Are you asking us to install a binary precompiled ( blob ) app in our computers without any warranty that software will do spam, spy me, sotolen my saved data on my hard drive or use my computer as proxy for illegal activities ?.
I am not ready to run network traffic analyzer long time to detect if that software is not injecting any malware or so.
No thanks.
Go to open source and that system can get a chance.
With the exception of very very very reputable sources, my recomendation is NOT install those things in your computer. Even from very very very reputable sources if you have not full warranty and you are not able to detect your computer hidden activity, do not install it.
Aug 17th 2018 18:06   
Marius Wlassak Magnate I   Business Media Consultant
Eva... come sembra, sì
Aug 17th 2018 18:19   
Tracy Carter Professional   Affiliate Marketer Home Business
I shared you content on twitter .. follow me on twitter @mistracy39 .. I'll retweet all of your content and you can do the same for me.. I'll use an apsense hashtag search #apsense on twitter and retweet apsense member content :) we will get more traffic, backlinks and followers!
Aug 17th 2018 19:53   
Marius Wlassak Magnate I   Business Media Consultant
Thanks a lot Tracy, i don't use since years twitter anymore, but i will share on other good paces your content too. Happy times ahead 2U (Y)
Aug 18th 2018 13:49    Edited in Aug 18th 2018 23:54
Marius Wlassak Magnate I   Business Media Consultant
Hey Joaquin, you're fears may be ok but do not relate to any our ideas and our efforts. Thinkings like that do not help anyone, especially the conscious workers behind our marketing business. We do not deal with private data and never will, that is nonsense and gets for nobody anything on this limited planet where the stupidity to think "oh my data" are now in others hand and now i am dead ... is just crap. All our data can only be used in wrong ways if we allow to do so and if we allow then those who have that data have in fact only some digital toillet paper with nothing to win but headache ( ;) ) and crypto illusions.
Aug 18th 2018 14:16   
Cacey Taylor Advanced  Affiliate Marketer
Glad to hear you were able to make it through such a big overhaul
Oct 3rd 2018 14:05   
Marius Wlassak Magnate I   Business Media Consultant
Very appreciated Cacey and thanks for your kind review and like.
Oct 3rd 2018 15:21   
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