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Hello, my name is Patrick Pierre

This is my Protandim Story. I’ve worked twenty-three years in healthcare as a mental health counselor. I have always been a caring person in searching for ways to help others as well as myself which is how I came to find Protandim.

I was exhausted working full time with all my responsibilities as a husband and father. I wasn’t sleeping well and of course, I was self-medicating using alcohol and cigarettes to compensate, but I wasn’t happy being a slave to my addictions. Since finding Protandim, I’ve had such dramatic results in increased stamina and energy. I sleep well at night. In fact so well that I now have the energy to work fulltime while building my Protandim business I no longer use alcohol or tobacco. In fact, the products are so phenomenal; I’ve got the whole family using them. Of course, now they’ve become essential for us and will be for you as well.

Some of the quality ingredients that you'll find in Protandim products include:

•Milk Thistle - Long recognized to protect the liver
•Bacopa - Used to help mental functions such as comprehension, memory, and recollection
•Ashwagandha - Strengthens the immune system and helps support body functions affected by stress
•Tumeric - Helpful against indigestion, stomach ulcelrs, heart disease and more
•Green Tea - From rheumatoid arthritis to high cholesterol levels, green tea is long-known to be helpful

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Papierre, congratulations on finding a successful income generating system!
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Very nice site papierre. Well written, and easy to read.
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The world suffers from oxidants, it is a great service to anti-oxidize it.Well wishes papierre.

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