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Marius Wlassak Professional     Business Media Consultant

Joined APSense since, May 18th, 2007, From Munich, Germany.
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  • Traiborg
  • Two Wheelers India
  • Raja Housing Ltd
  • All is Wall
  • A Trip to India
  • Shelayer
  • Dreamz gk infra

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Daniel Ionel Committed  
I met Marius here on APSense, a kind and friendly person with very good knowledge about internet marketing, experienced marketer and business media consultant.

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Prasad Galla Advanced  
Hello friend. I saw your profile . I am interested to recommend your Resources in streaming Income and websites.

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abid kamran Professional  
Hi Marius Wlassak, I have recommendation for you, good work. Keep it up

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Stanley Kuepfer Innovator
Mr. Marius Wlassak is an effect marketing professional with an impressive professional profile. Mr. Wlassak is a pleasure to network with and I recommend connecting with him as a business partner.

Recommendation on Experiences: Founder & owner, Marius Wlassak Global Business Connection - MWGBC

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