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The Future of PR and Branding in India

Public relations (PR) have existed in our country since two decades ago. It started when multinational corporations entered India after the government opened up the gates for them to improve the economy of the country. Various PR consultants in Delhi and other metros came into existence and offe... Read More

Which are the best branding companies in India

When you start with a business, there are piles of work to do and a number of problems and tensions to handle. Amongst all this chaos what often gets left behind is the most crucial part of business called branding. It’s true that most of the companies decide to invest in it right at their plann... Read More

What is SEO in Public Relations?

Public relations as a function is concerned about getting a market presence for the client and with both the customers and investors are spending most of their time online; it’s high time to grab attention for the clients through the online portals. And, in getting such attention, it is the Sear... Read More

Post Office – Brand Strategy, Identity, Interior Design & Brand Consulting Services in India

I-AM have immersed themselves in our business, our objectives and, importantly, our culture. They have also built excellent relationships with my colleagues and my team. Gary Hockey-Morley Marketing Director, Post Office The arrival of new competitors, and the arrival of email ... Read More

The Importance of Effective Branding

Your brand reflects the very heart and soul of your company. Over the decades, branding has become an art form as much as it has become a scientific approach to establishing business longevity, constant growth, and increasing customer acquisition as well through the use of emotion paired with the... Read More

Brand Your Business on Adpoket | Small Business Branding

In advertising, it appears like "brand" is utilized a ton - the leading brand, off-mark, individual brand ... you get the photo.Be that as it may, there's regularly perplexity around its significance in business. What does it involve? Do I have to employ a specialist? Markin... Read More

Post Office – Brand Strategy, Identity, Interior Design & Brand Consulting Services in India

I-AM have immersed themselves in our business, our objectives and, importantly, our culture. They have also built excellent relationships with my colleagues and my team. Gary Hockey-Morley Marketing Director, Post Office The arrival of new competitors, and the arrival of email ... Read More

New India Bank – Branding, Digital & UX, Interiors & Architecture and Design Company India

We conducted a lengthy international search to select our design agency and are absolutely delighted with the impact I-AM has had on our business. Hiren Bhanu Chairman, New India Bank By working closely with an ambitious and willing board, we implemented a radical shake-up of the b... Read More

Lutwyche - Event Management, Brand Communications, Curation & Brand Consulting Services in India

In January, we ventured into London Collections: Men for its sixth instalment with our luxury tailoring client Lutwyche for their first ever scheduled A/W 15 showcase. Following a ‘dipping a toe in the water’ appearance for the brand at the same event in June 2014, I-AM was tasked with creati... Read More

SAVE WATER | Inititative by

We at just don't Create Ads. We rather Spread Awareness through our Ads. Save WaterVisit our website for more info.   How to Save Water?Stop the misuse of water.Manage the usage of water properly.Stop discharging pollutants without proper treatment.T... Read More

Top Brand Building Strategies to Attract the Right Customers

The brand of a company can be effectively made more productive, by the most successful brand building strategies that are widely adopted by many brand development agencies. The brand of a company can be strengthened only through a vital brand strategy plan that is created for making the b... Read More

7 Free or Inexpensive Ways to Help Your Business Stand Out

One of the greatest problems that the modern business world faces is the over-saturation of nearly every niche out there. This is hardly surprising seeing how with the imminent overpopulation almost 9 percent of all people who ever lived are present on our planet at the very moment. In other wor... Read More

Building a Solid Organization

Did you know Rome wasn't built overnight?  The same is true when building your business or Brand.  We have been in business since 1999.  During our first startup build, we had a single goal in mind.  We worked to establish this mom & pop business as a fully functional money m... Read More Branding Solutions 2017

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. But what exactly does "branding" mean? How does it affect a small business like yours? We ate ha... Read More

Branding ,

Your brand is the impression you leave people with when they come into contact with your company. Who you are, what you do, how you do it, why you’re different, why you matter, and why people should believe you – these are all vital components of your brand’s DNA. The challenge is to communicat... Read More

Content-me(a)nt for a brand

There was a time when brands took to advertising themselves via an ad agency. They had fixed slots on television, ads went to newspapers and hoardings would be setup. But as time progressed advertising took a really competitive mode and world kept getting smaller. With the advent of social and digit... Read More

Kyoorius Design Awards, 2016

Kyoorius Design Awards, 2016  I-AM, the international multi-discipline branding and corporate identity services india, has won the Blue Elephant- Retail Design at the Kyoorius Design Awards 2016. The gala award ceremony took place on October 1, 2016 at Fairmont, Jaipur, and I-AM bagged t... Read More

Create Pages

''''Create Pages'As a member of Pages @ bitbillions you can create Pages about pretty much anything you want to write about.Pages are simply articles, or Posts, that you write yourself and other people will come to read.You can use Pages to promote products or services.You can also use Pages t... Read More

Avea - Brand Application, Interior Designing, Store Zoning & graphic design company india

Avea are a leading GSM operator in Turkey and serve 1.2 million subscribers across their 700 stores. They wished to familiarise their customers with the unique values they bring to the world of communication through a new in-store customer experience. I-AM began by understanding the ways in... Read More

MS Dhoni as Lord Vishnu case: Supreme Court quashes criminal proceedings against cricketer

The Supreme Court on Monday quashed a criminal case against India's limited overs cricket captain MS Dhoni for allegedly hurting religious sentiments by portraying himself as Lord Vishnu on the cover of a business magazine.The bench headed by Justice Ranjan Gogoi provided relief to Dhoni, ... Read More

Digital Marketing by

Digital marketing is a shopping paradise in an online world, where in one umbrella you will find all marketing products and services with the help of digital technologies specially while surfing internet.   Currently it has also included mobile's tablets for display advertising and oth... Read More

I-AM - Banking and Finance, Telecom, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Fashion & Real Estate

I-AM is a design-led branding agency which creates 360° brand experiences that delight customers, builds brand advocacy and drives business performance. The agency uses a six stage approach to encapsulate the personality of a brand or company. This serves as the I-AM Bib... Read More

How to Choose the Best Keywords for SEO

Are you wondering why your website traffic is few and far in between despite the impressive layout of your site and the amazing offers you have? Well, you're probably not doing it right with search engines. You see, increasing the amount of visitors to your website requires a high-ranking pla... Read More

How to Get More Followers Online

I have heard about all these various ways to get more followers but just as someone mentioned in a comment what is the point of having so many people connecting with you unless you have a plan of action, this article is going to talk about how to get more followers by building a brand that people wa... Read More

Macy’s video brand makeover Macy

Differentiating beauty brands is becoming a very tasking challenge for consumers and marketers alike. To solve this, the beauty industry needs to move beyond tactics towards the “branding strategy”.Branding is more than just advertising or marketing, branding is everything you do and what your busin... Read More

Creative Logo Branding Advertising Agency in India |

Hello Friends, Greetings from!! Please go through with below mail "We work creatively to make your work fun, help you innovate, grow, advance skills & build business". Looking forward to join hands and work together. We feel obliged to introduce our ambitious venture... Read More

Termination of legal protection of a trademark

The termination of legal protection of a trademark implies stopping of all activities aimed at protecting the interests of its owner. The most common reason of such a decision is the end of the period of the registration of the trademark in Russia and other countries. If required and if possible... Read More

Real Estate - Brand Creation, Refresh, Interiors, Architecture & Brand Strategy Consulting in india

We work with estate agents, realtors and developers to build their brands and define the experience they offer their customers. This work ranges from name generation and corporate identity through to brand communication, apps, websites and the design & build of welcoming offices and sexy s... Read More

8 Essential Elements of a Social Media Marketing Strategy

#1: Identify Business GoalsEvery piece of your social media marketing strategy serves the goals you set. You simply can’t move forward without knowing what you’re working toward.Look closely at your company’s overall needs and decide how you want to use social media to contribute to reachi... Read More

SEO & SEM – Importance for B2B Marketers

Talking about B2C and B2B marketing in general, B2B marketers have recently caught on with the idea of making use of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for increasing online visibility of their products and, subsequently, augmenting sales. Being more research intensive, SEO and SEM are the key tools ... Read More

Brand Development Improvement

Reformulating and re-designing, or even overhauling an old brand can be a wise decision. If sales are flat and show no sign of growth, you’d better stop kidding yourself and hire a branding consultant.Brands are an extremely vital element in your product and corporate value proposition. With communi... Read More

Hansgrohe- Brand Application, Interior & Website Design

I-AM worked with industry leaders Hansgrohe to create a central London hub of inspiration, excitement and resources for the international architect and design community serious about creating amazing bathrooms. With a theme of celebrating the joy and primal wonder of water, I-AM crea... Read More

10 Step Guide to Creating Great Sports Logos

One of the things that you must ensure to compete with hundreds of companies is to have an engaging logo. So, if you are running a sports business, remember that there are already global sports enterprises in your city besides small ventures. Your sports logo will play a leading role in in... Read More

Steps To Develop A Great E-commerce Branding

A great branding is a powerful currency for any company. The customers purchase goods or services as of the story, an emotional bonding that they feel with the service of the product. As the e-commerce business owners also one should build this connection with their client. However, some entrepreneu... Read More

Branding and Retail Trends for 2016

Social Consciousness tying in with the brand CSR imperatives are mandated for organisations of certain sizes, but leveraging the right CSR activity that builds on what the brand stands for, adds a valuable dimension to an organisation’s brand identity building effort. Food brands for exam... Read More

The Need for Brand Identity

Every year, advertisers and brands across the country roll out new strategies and attempt to gain new audiences. Some are very successful while many others fail. There are several reasons for this, but a big reason for failure is poor brand identity. Before launching a content marketing strategy, co... Read More

What Makes a Good Branding Strategy?

When it comes to branding, you should know that it's one of the most important aspects of any business regardless of type and size. In fact, when your branding strategy is top notch, then you can expect your business to not only grow, but also get a major edge in the ever increasing competitive mark... Read More

Become a Key Person of Influence in Your industry

Future trends suggest that in the next 15 years there will be major changes happening due to the advancement of technologies. Many of the industries that are thriving today will have to drastic change how they do business to survive in the future. A good example of this will be the increase of inter... Read More

Branch Transformation, Graphic Design & Brand consultancy

The relentless rise of digital has left most retail sectors grappling with how to maintain relevancy for the bricks-and-mortar component of their offer. The banking sector is no exception – indeed it’s one of the best examples of how (or not) to solve the conundrum between a physical presenc... Read More

Your Domain Name Matters for Long Term Branding

Creating a website is not just about designing your pages and including all the important information, it is also about creating a domain name that relates to your products and services and that is also easy to remember and spell for your customers. A domain name that is easy to rem... Read More

The Importance of Establishing Your Brand

Branding is very important to a business, whether it is an online or offline business. Your brand will be the first impression the public has of your business and could very well be the most important one. The goal in business branding is to give consumers a visual image of your com... Read More

A Branding Company Can Bring Much To The Table

First and foremost they bring a third party objective point of view that a business is unable to obtain. The old saying holds true, you can't see the forest through the trees. But how do you choose the right branding company? Ask yourself these questions.How do they promote themselves? Are they call... Read More

Don’t Minimize the Importance of Logo Design.

Logo seems to be important for those large companies such as blue and yellow IKEA logo, the red hut of Pizza Hut, kind grandpa of KFC, clown Ronald McDonald and so on. Of course the famous logos are really impressive and they are well known to all of us. However, it doesn’t mean that great logo d... Read More

Earn a Profitable income with internet marketing.

What is internet marketing? It is a form of online digital marketing which makes uses of the internet for its marketing communications to get targeted visitors to your website and to earn a decent profit from your website.   What is SEO? SEO is a process called search engine opti... Read More


About UsOur Passion is Our PromiseWe are forward thinkers and always experimenting and designing new techniques to refine our craft. We work closely as a team with our Queen, Bishop, Rooks and Knights to ensure perfection.Our passion to deliver is second to none and we enjoy the 8 cups of coffe... Read More

High Value Music Download Cards by Digi-Cards

Digi-cards are also called as download cards. They carry multiple kinds of content that is saved on the secure servers of the service provider, enabling the final user to download any kind of multimedia content such as music, videos, ebooks, business documents, presentations and much ... Read More

Branding and Brand Awareness: Do you know the difference

Branding and Brand awareness are two different parts of the same process. You give it a recognizable identity, when you brand your business. When you make the identity of your company known, you are marketing your business, yourself, your employees and your services/ products. Your objective, as the... Read More

The Pomodoro Technique for architects

Devised by Francesco Cirillo, this technique enables you to extract the maximum output from the time at your disposal and boost your productivity immensely. Architects are bound to benefit.If you know Italian, you’re probably wondering what pomodoro has got to do with productivity. It is, after all,... Read More

Don't Be Intimidated By Video Marketing

Video marketing can be daunting when you first start, but don't give up, give it a try it will help your business in the long run. The more you experiment, the better the outcome will be. Try everything that comes to mind and then figure out what works for you and what doesn't. This is the best way ... Read More

Brand Your Business!

Can't make the Alt Convention Event to showcase your business? No worries! Just take Full advantage of ourBRAND AWARENESS PACKAGE!High Visibility!Deliver your message to every attendee and more!We expect thousands of visitors to our High End Attendee investors, innovators all in the heart of an ... Read More