Tracking Assets – How to Do It?

by Austyn Matt RFID Solutions
Asset tracking is the process to track physical assets either by scanning the barcode labels that are attached to assets or by using RFID tags or GPS that broadcast their specific location. 

Asset tracking is the process to track physical assets. It can either be done by scanning the barcode labels that are attached to assets or by using RFID tags or GPS that broadcast their particular location. The process you select for tracking the assets of your business will depend on the size as well as the global reach of your company. See which process is best for you. 

RFID (Auto-ID) Tracking

Using Barcodes 

Buy pre-printed barcode labels or use QR codes if you want the code to hold a lot more data & be scanned easily. Give each of the barcodes a special number and organise these unique numbers in your database so that you can find any asset whenever you want it in a quick manner. Apply the barcodes to your assets and then spend some money buying a scanning software or a barcode reader. If it is traditional barcodes that you use, you will have to buy a scanner for reading them but if you use QR codes, you only need to download mobile phone applications for reading them. No matter what, always provide proper training to your staff for updating the asset records when needed. A barcode should be scanned every time an asset is moved or checked out by staff. 

Automating Tracking Using RFID Tags 

RFID tracking tags are available in various sizes and shapes and can be made up of several materials. Have a look at where you can affix the tag to your asset, how you need to attach it and what environmental conditions the tag can be potentially exposed to. Read the descriptions of the tags very carefully to ensure that you are choosing the right tags for your assets that need to be tracked. You will get the tags with a barcode printed on the outside. This would be a great transition if you had been using a barcode system previously for managing your assets and are moving to the RFID asset tracking system

RFID tracking system actually allows automating many of the methods associated with asset management minimizing human error. Generally, the RFID tracking systems have mobile apps and computer software, which are used for adding or removing tags or locating the tagged assets. So, ensure to subscribe to an RFID asset tracking system and have RFID scanners placed in the doorways. For upgrading or replacing any existing equipment, opt for devices, which are available with RFID tags. There are many manufacturers that produce servers and computers ready equipped with tags to track assets. 

Locating The Mobile Assets By Using GPS Devices 

If your business deals with mobile assets like construction equipment and vehicles, which needs tracking, it is not the RFID tags and barcodes that would be of great use. You need to monitor mobile assets by using GPS. Your system must include extensive monitoring & alerts so that you can keep a track of your assets and the way that they are used. You can have a choice between hard-wired and portable GPS trackers. The hard-wired trackers are not easy to install so you would need an expert’s help for installation. On the other hand, portable trackers can be installed easily but need batteries, which need to be replaced. An ideal place for installing a tracker in a vehicle is beneath the dash near the windshield allowing signals to be sent & received in a clear way. If it is a hard-wired tracker, wire it in the ignition system of the vehicle to get consistent power. After installing the tracker, you will be able to read the data through the user interface software. 

If you are an owner of a small business, asset tracking is important for you to minimize administrative expenses, improve productivity and offer better client service. Depending on the kind of business you own, you may also require asset tracking for complying with the federal or state laws, especially those that are related to data security and privacy.

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