Brief guide to reduce the effects of heart problems in breast cancer treatment

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Advancements in breast cancer treatment increase the number of breast cancer survivors in the world. But this cancer treatment is also responsible for the heightened harmful chances of heart problems. Chemotherapy produces some cardio toxic effects, thus the breast cancer treatment ends up with some heart problems. Cancer specialists in Delhi reveal that there are certain drugs that interfere with normal heart pumping functions. Keeping these emerging effects of post-breast cancer treatment, cancer doctors in Delhi using the measures to keep the heart-healthy.

Best Breast Cancer Doctor in Delhi NCR reports the Main goal of the treatment is to encourage the woman's talk with the physician about their primary health care or the steps that can reduce the risk factor of having heart problems after the cancer treatment. It's normal to have some personality changes after breast cancer treatment, but literally, modification in the lifestyle may lower the chances of having heart problems as post-term effects of breast cancer treatment.

Main factors associated with the heart problems in breast cancer treatment

  • There are some chemotherapy drugs, radiation therapy, that have some negative effects on the heart.
  • Drugs come under the class of anthracycline and taxane produces toxic effects on the muscles of them heart.
  • Radiation therapy increases the formation of a scar in the heart tissues, thus increasing the damage to the heart valve and coronary heart disease.
  • There are some standard steps that can reduce the risk of heart problems;
  • Breast cancer treatment in India has accepted some norms to ensure safe and quality treatment to breast cancer patients.

Proper heart assessments before and after the treatment
Before the starting of the treatment, you should have done an assessment of the heart status by a cardio-oncologist. Even a little fluctuation in the blood pressure might be the sigh of some risks, so negligence here may burst into a bad situation

Ask about your potential risks 
Consult your oncologist about the risk related to the treatment. Drugs that have direct effects you can discuss these things with your doctor. And how the heart will be monitored during the process, although the cancer specialist in Delhi, works by maintaining good interpersonal relationships but still you should ask.

Learn to watch for the symptoms 
Ask your doctors to highlight every negative symptom related to the heart problem during the treatment. So that you can easily differentiate with the normal treatment. Symptoms like shortness of breath, fatigue, weakness, Irregularities in heart breath, edema, or weight gain, etc. Keep a strict vigilance over every symptom, immediately call them if you find any of them.

Although every cancer treatment has some nuts and cons, we cannot deny the survival rate. With some precautions or vigilance, the post-treatment effects may be reduced. Ray of hope in cancer treatment is cancer consultant; it is India's leading provides the best cancer care treatments with a comprehensive number of doctors and Considered as the best cancer specialists.

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