8 Expert Tips to maintain weight during and after cancer treatment

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Just later, the diagnosis of cancer, possibly the least concern on your mind, is how cancer treatment can affect eating habits. But along with the cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery significantly affects the regular habits of eating, activity manner, and weight. According to Dr. Manish Singhal, Most of the cancer patients experience falls in their weight during treatment.

Though due to the hormonal therapies, which hinder the normal level of hormonal cause weight gain. Going after a “healthy” diet following procedure is performed professes its difficulties. During and after the treatment, it is important to keep normal eating habits with certain foods. Side effects such as nausea, vomiting, taste changes, and mouth sores can cause unpleasant experiences. Thus after diagnosed with cancer, most of the patients restrict their diet to maintain the healthy diet pattern Best Oncologist in Delhi NCR explains.   

1. Exercise Often

It is said that exercise plays a vital role in the reduction of cancer, causing risk factors and heart problems. So it is also recommended that daily exercise improves health status and also keep the weight normal. 

2. Keep the body quick

Fatigue is the side effect of cancer treatment, which makes the patient difficult to get off from the bed. So it is important to keep the body fit and fine with normal activity levels. 

3. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetable feeds the body with required antioxidant and beta-carotene, lycopene, or isoflavones, which works as the cancer-preventive nutrients. While the Treatment for lung cancer in Noida patient was taken care of with a healthy diet so that the immune system can be prepared. 

4. Have adequate and appropriate nutrition

Most of the cancer patients have a similar history of unhealthy diets. Most of the patients are recommended to have proper nutrition so that weight can be maintained. 

5. Use technologies to keep track of your weight - 

With the help of smartphones, it becomes easy to keep track of the activities such as how many calories you have taken or how many steps you had taken. 

6. Sometimes it is ok to eat

Cancer treatment gives rise to so many eating problems thus. Cancer specialist describes that in order to maintain the weight maintenance of equal portions of food is important rather than being picky about the food. 

7. Proper hydration - 

The body needs water so that the activity level can be maintained normal. By combining the calories and water in a diet plan will help. 

8. Clear your mind

Cancer is a complex treatment; it is normal to experience mental disturbances. If you are having breast cancer treatment in Delhi, a High-Stress level may be surrounding you, so it is important to keep the mind calm so that the immune system can cope with cancer


DOS and DONTS for cancer treatment


  • A proper exercise so that the weight can be maintained

  • Proper nutrition level to keep the immune system strong. 

  • Keep track of every activity; well, it is important to maintain the proper mobility of the body. 

  • Mental health is an important aspect as it helps to get ready to cope with the changes after the cancer treatment.

  • Get the treatment from the best Cancer Doctor in Noida, or from the best cancer treatment in Delhi NCR


  • Don’t Smoke every lung cancer doctor suggests to quit smoking once the cancer is diagnosed. 

  • Having multiple sex partners can cause HIV or HPV. 

  • Do not drink often 

  • Avoid exposure to the sunlight

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