Blue light glasses are an effective solution for getting a good night’s sleep

by BluTech Lenses Blue Light Filter Glasses

You might have observed that you become more tired and irritable on your workdays. Concentrating for long hours on your computer screen, the mobile phone can leave you tense, unfocused, and even with a throbbing headache. Blue light can be the culprit here for causing these issues and discomfort. The visible spectrum of the light consists of many colors, with blue-violet on the lower part and red on the higher end. The visible light on the lower end has a shorter wavelength. And shorter wavelength light emits higher energy levels. As blue light emits high energy, it is also called high energy visible light.

What are the sources of blue light?

The primary source of high energy visible light is the sun. But don’t think you are safe from these rays when you are indoors. This is because you are exposed to unnatural blue light from different electronic sources like smartphones, TV screens, mobile phones, and artificial lighting.  Although these devices emit just a portion of blue light as compared to sunlight, the number of hours we spend on these devices can have a major impact on our health.  Many ask whether these rays are harmful or not. The answer is yes. Although exposure to these light can have a positive effect on our health overexposure is harmful. Blue blockers can help in reducing its overexposure.

Sleep interruption – One of the major harmful effects of blue light

Blue light regulates our sleep/wake cycle. It is how our bodies know when to sleep and when to wake up. The blue light from the sun is responsible for increased energy levels and wakefulness in the morning.  This is the positive part of these rays. The negative part is using electronic devices can disrupt our natural sleeping patterns by exposing us unnaturally to the blue light at night. Blue light blockers for sleep is an effective way to get a good night’s sleep.

Apart from correcting sleep disorders, blue blockers can be highly effective at filtering blue light and restoring a good night's sleep. They help in increasing sleep amounts and quality, symptoms of insomnia, and reset circadian rhythms. Studies have shown that they also help in improving cognitive performance.  The best thing about these glasses is they do not darken your vision. The premium quality glasses are made to effectively block the harmful light without darkening your vision. You can easily carry on normal activities like working on your computer, reading or watching television.

So, blue light glasses can benefit everyone. Every individual has different challenges when it comes to individual use of light. For example, some spend long hours on computers, some like to play games while others like to watch their favorite movies and programs on TV. So, there are different habits, but they all share a common challenge, exposure of blue light.  Blue light glasses are an effective way to minimize the harmful effects of these high energy rays. Get your pair of glasses today. Invest quality time to locate a reliable dealer that stocks a wide range of effective glasses for filtering blue light.

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