How do Blue Light Blocking Glasses help Night Shift Workers?

by BluTech Lenses Blue Light Filter Glasses

If you are one of the night owls who mostly work at night, beware of the dangerous blue light emitted by your laptops, smartphones, etc. Blue light is the light which directly harms your body, can damage your eyes, and causes different health problems like eye fatigue, migraine, depression, and many more issues.

Nowadays, many people are facing problems occurring from blue light. And, the most common issue for night workers is sleep disorder because at night melatonin production gets suppressed, which disrupts your circadian rhythm and finally, it disturbs your sleep patterns. So, this is the harmful effect of blue light to sleep.

You might get surprised to know the fact that blue light can lead to a severe issue like macular degeneration, which can make you completely blind. And, to protect yourself from a complete vision loss, you have to make a habit of wearing blue light glasses that blocks the light to a large extent.

Below, we will discuss how blue light blocking glasses can help night shift workers.

Eye Protection

When you use blue light glasses three hours before going to bed, you protect your eyes from the harmful consequences of blue light and get better sleep. The main benefit of wearing them is to prevent damage to the DHA essential fat in your retinal pigmented epithelium.

Melatonin Production

At night, the blue light emitted by the digital devices suppresses the melatonin production, disturbs the circadian rhythm of your body, and stops from getting sound sleep. With blue light filter glasses, you can filter out the blue light to its maximum and increase melatonin level.

Cortisol Patterns

When your body is exposed regularly to blue light at night, you might have noticed a change in cortisol pattern and your sleep pattern. By using blue light glasses, you can improve the cortisol pattern, which will ultimately, enhance the quality of sleep and also, improves your mood.

Mitochondria support

According to some evidence, the blue light will increase the distance of the proteins in the respiratory electron transport chain in the mitochondria. And, this makes them less efficient to produce mitochondria. With the blue light lens, you may help your body from such disorders.

The above-written points are the main reasons that can make you understand how blue blockers are really helpful for you. So, buy a pair of blue-blocking glasses for yourself, and take the quality of sleep because a quality sleep can keep you stress-free and allow you to live your life happily.

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