3 Recumbent Cycle Workouts To Offer At Your Fitness Facility

by Ryan Harris Fitness Advisor

Over the last few years, the recumbent type exercise bike has emerged as a popular piece of equipment for cardio training. The training bike is effective in building endurance, strengthening the lower body, and reducing excess fat. People across age groups including seniors prefer the cycle over other stationary bikes because it does not put any unnecessary stress on joints. In a nutshell, the cycle allows people to do high-intensity cardio training without any great impact.

However, despite the multiple benefits of this equipment, not many people are aware of the correct way to include the bike in focused training programs. Users at different experience levels can leverage the cycle for conducting effective workouts and achieving their fitness objectives. Here we will walk you through some training options that center around this bike. You can use these workout ideas to create focused recumbent bike training plans for your customers.

1. Recumbent Bike Workout For Beginners

First up, we discuss a training option for new exercise bike users. It begins with a warm-up routine wherein the user cycles at a low intensity for around 5 minutes. Ask customers to cycle at a comfortable pace for around 20-25 minutes. After that, they can increase the resistance just a bit and pedal for about 5-6 mins. Ask the user to increase the resistance just a notch and cycle for 4-5 minutes. Make them follow this pattern of increasing the resistance a bit and decreasing the time by 1 minute until they reach a 1-minute-long session. Be careful that the cycling speed remains the same throughout the session. End it by setting the resistance to the warm-up level and doing light pedaling to cool down. This plan is great for getting new users in the groove and initiating their fitness journey.

2. HIIT Workout With Recumbent Stationary Bike 

You can also help experienced customers mix high intensity interval training (HIIT) with recumbent cycle training. Just like the beginner’s workout, tell users to start with a 5-minute warm-up. Then ask them to pedal slowly for 3 minutes. After that, tell the customers to gradually increase the speed and pedal in a way that they reach their maximum speed by the end of 2 minutes. Make sure they continue at this pace for 20-30 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. Make them repeat this cycle 6-8 times per their comfort and endurance. This is a good option for people aiming to reduce fate and achieve rapid fitness gains.

3. Arm Workout On Recumbent Exercise Bike

In the third training plan, you can help users strengthen their upper body while cycling. This option is suitable for experienced users who know about arm workouts. After the 5-minute warm-up, users can do bicep curls for 2 minutes while working the pedals at high intensity. They can follow it up with a 1-minute low-intensity session. After this, they can do cross-body punches for 2 minutes at high intensity and 1 minute at low intensity. Your customers can use this time and intensity pattern for doing front and lateral raises and shoulder presses. It will help them get an efficient full-body workout.

Wrapping Up

The ideas discussed here will enable you to include recumbent bikes in an innovative way in different workout programs. You can use these training options to create interesting exercise sessions that will keep your customers engaged and motivated. It will help them achieve their fitness goals while forming a positive opinion of your facility. 

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