How to Buy A Recumbent Cycle For College Fitness Center?

by Ryan Harris Fitness Advisor

A recumbent bike is an efficient machine that must be at every academic institution’s recreation center. As they are easy on the knees and joints, they are suitable for the young bodies of budding sportspersons that must be protected from undue stress. Moreover, recumbent training bikes enable people to train at various intensity levels and achieve their fitness goals. If your college is planning to buy such cycles, then here are a few valuable tips that will help you get the right model for your center.

1. Opt For High-performance Machines For Your College Gym

University sports are highly competitive and sportspersons train intensely to perform optimally. You cannot make the mistake of choosing machines with average performance capacity. While purchasing for academic communities you must choose bikes offering extra speed and resistance levels. The student athletes at your institution will be interested in simulating tough conditions like uphill biking to improve their fitness. Choosing a machine that generates more than average power, therefore, makes better sense. Remember that the bikes will also be used during rehabilitation programs for injured athletes. Select a model with versatile program features so that it can be helpful in all possible use cases.

2. Assess The Durability Of A Machine Before Buying

The durability of the equipment is probably the most important factor to consider while procuring for an academic institution. The recumbent cycle at your school will undergo heavy regular use. Furthermore, with a lot of youngsters working the bikes, you can also expect inconsistent and irregular use. When we talk about use, we are referring not only to the time spent by users on a cycle but also their body weight and the intensity of their training. Your machine must have a solid frame and stable construction to withstand different workloads.

3. Choose A Bike With Modern Features

Another important point to consider while purchasing a training bike for a college facility is its features. Some decision-makers make the mistake of focusing only on the durability of the machine. While sturdiness is a desirable quality, you cannot afford to overlook modern features like WiFi connectivity and touchscreens. Modern athletes track and monitor their training through smart devices. Having a bike equipped with smart features will help them in easily managing their exercise sessions by connecting the bike and their devices. Coaches can also use the features to access and manage the stats of various athletes easily.

4. Compare Maintenance Plans Offered By Vendors

Equipment maintenance is an important aspect of managing a fitness room. Proper upkeep improves the longevity of your gear. It is important to get your bikes serviced by professionals to keep them in top shape. Most vendors offer after-sales support and maintenance plans that involve lubrication of moving components and cleaning of the flywheel, hub assembly, turbo, chain, and other parts. They also calibrate the various sensors installed in the bikes. First, identify 3-4 models that offer all the desired features in your desired budget. Then compare their support and maintenance plans to choose the one that gives the most value for money.

Final Word

College fitness centers require recumbent bikes that are not only sturdy but also equipped with state-of-the-art features. When buying one for your school, you must consider the points discussed here to make the right decision. These actionable ideas will help you move in the right direction and choose a training cycle that is perfect for the students and coaches of your institution.

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