How To Keep Your Recumbent Cycle In Good Shape ?

by Ryan Harris Fitness Advisor
Stationary recumbent bikes are great for keeping your body in good shape. They are easy to use and do not put undue strain on the body. That’s why they are popular among all kinds of users and can be seen at every fitness facility. Since these machines undergo excessive usage, it is important to maintain them to ensure optimum performance and long life.

Commercial fitness facility owners must create a regular schedule for the upkeep of their exercise cycles. This will prevent the gear from sustaining heavy damage and keep it in top shape. It will also reduce maintenance costs and ensure the optimum performance of the bikes.

Below are a few tips to maintain your recumbent bikes and extend their longevity. 

  1. Clean Your Bikes After Every Session: It is important to clean the machines after every session. People sweat while training and can leave it on the gear. Wiping down this sweat is necessary to prevent any corrosion. Did you know that sweat’s corrosive action is harsher than that of water? Sweat also contains sodium that can cause white spots on the handlebars and the upholstery. Use antibacterial wipes to clean your machines. Make sure that every part that comes into contact with users’ bodies such as handles, consoles, and seats, is wiped down thoroughly.  
  2. Check For Visible Signs Of Damage: You must regularly check your bikes for visible signs of wear and tear. The machines undergo heavy usage and can sustain damage. Mark a day every week or month for close inspection of the units. Look out for cracks, loose nuts or bolts, and other obvious signs of damage. Rectifying minor issues immediately can help prevent serious problems. If the seats seem worn down, get them replaced so that your patrons do not feel any discomfort. Test the control panel to ensure that it is responding properly to touch actions.  
  3. Lubricate The Mechanical Parts: Regular lubrication is an important part of the maintenance routine of your recumbent cycle. Inspect the mechanical parts of your bikes regularly. Make sure they are moving smoothly without any hindrance. Lubricate bearings and seals at regular intervals. It is also vital to check the brake units to find out if they are working properly or not. If you do not feel confident of opening and checking the unit by yourself, call your service provider for assistance. It is always better to let professionals handle the maintenance to prevent any accidental damage.
  4. Keep The Area Around The Bikes Clean: Most people know the importance of cleaning the cycles, but they hardly pay attention to the area around the units. It is also important to thoroughly clean the area around your cycles. Any accumulation of dust and grime will affect your gear. If the dust gets into the moving parts, it can cause serious issues. Make sure that there is ample space around each bike in your facility. This will help you in easily cleaning the area around them. It’s not a difficult task and regular vacuuming will take care of the dust. 

Wrapping Up

Significant investment goes into purchasing the equipment for a fitness center. Regular upkeep helps in preventing serious damage and keeping the maintenance costs in check. To make sure that your recumbent bikes are in top shape, it will be pertinent to purchase a service and maintenance plan from a reliable service provider. This will help you in getting professional assistance in maintaining your machines. Apart from this, you must clean and check your machines daily to ensure they remain in optimal working condition. 

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