What Is The Correct Way To Use A Training Exercise Cycle

by Ryan Harris Fitness Advisor
Cycling is a good exercise for everyone. It gives our body a thorough joint cardiovascular workout that boosts our heart’s efficiency and lung ventilation. Using an exercise cycle instead of the normal bike allows people, especially seniors and beginners to train safely. Indoor cycling, if done right, also benefits the muscles of our hips, thighs, and calves. But it is essential that you know the correct way of doing such training. Here are a few pointers that will help you use a stationary bike correctly and gain major health benefits. 

Position The Seat Correctly: Most beginners make the mistake of not adjusting the seats of their bikes. Remember that you do not have to strain yourself to pedal. If you have to rock your hips to make the pedals work, then you are doing it all wrong. You will have to re-position the seat of the bike. You can make the right adjustment by checking your leg position at the highest and lowest points during pedaling. When you are at the top of a stroke, your knees should not feel crunched. When the pedal is at the lowest point, your leg should be almost but not perfectly straight.

Know The Controls In The Console: Most of the modern models come with multiple exercise modes. In most fitness bikes, they are categorized in levels. You can switch between levels and carry out other functions through the controls in the console. You must get yourself familiar with the console panel of your bike. This will help you in graduating seamlessly to the next level and also in avoiding any mishaps. Nearly every reputable fitness equipment manufacturer and seller provides training during installation. Make sure you listen carefully to the staff when they are instructing you about the controls of the machine.

Never Remove The Pedal Straps: Have you removed the pedal straps of your training exercise cycle? Then put them back immediately. If you feel that the straps are too tight, then you can adjust them according to your comfort. This will make sure that the blood flow in your feet is not restricted. A pair of snugly-fitting straps allows you to pedal in smooth cycles. They will ensure that there are no accidental slips when you have built up a fast and rhythmic momentum.

Use Your Full Foot For Pedaling: Some people make the mistake of using only their toes while using a cycle for their exercise. This is an incorrect approach. It puts undue pressure on your foot. People who pedal with their toes can suffer from cramps in their feet and calves. Make sure that you use your full foot when working a pedal. Press from the balls of your feet and through your heels when you push down. Pull up with the top of your feet on the upstroke.

Final Word

You must also not hunch over too much when training on a cycle. To ensure the right position, draw in your belly button, and keep your ears in line with your shoulders. Keep your chest up and shoulders back and down while cycling. Do not forget that exercise bikes are not meant for full-body workouts, so don’t try to use them for one.

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