5 Common Training Exercise Cycle Mistakes Everyone Makes

by Ryan Harris Fitness Advisor

Do you think that training on an exercise bike does not require any specific approach? Most of us have grown up riding bicycles. We use stationary training bikes just the way we rode outdoor cycles in our childhood. But is it the right method? The answer is no. This incorrect approach is the main reason why many people get injured during indoor cycling. Most of them blame the bike or other factors for their injury when the real reason is their ignorance. Here are a few major mistakes that you must avoid while using a stationary bike.

1. Riding The Bike Without A Proper Warm-Up

The most common mistake that a lot of people make is riding without warming up. They simply hop on the machine and start pedaling. This puts them at risk of picking up injuries. You must do some stretching exercises followed by light cycling for about 5 minutes. This will loosen your muscles and joints. The blood flow within your body also increases and it reduces the risks of joints or muscle injuries.

2. Adopting An Incorrect Posture

It is common to see people hunching too much over their machines. If you lean too much on the handles, then it can cause cyclist’s palsy. The ulnar nerve is put under excessive pressure when you lean too much on the handles. When it comes under severe strain, you can experience symptoms like numbness, tingling, cramping, and pain. It will be pertinent to consult an expert to know the correct posture for cycling.  

3. Breathing Improperly While Riding 

Riding your training exercise cycle is an aerobic exercise. The air you breathe in supplies oxygen to the lungs, which is used by your muscles during workouts. You must inhale and exhale through your nose when the intensity levels of the training are moderate. As the spinning intensity increases, you must use your mouth for breathing. This will ensure that your muscles receive the right amount of oxygen as fuel. Improper breathing technique will not allow you to achieve your workout goals.

4. Incorrect Resistance Settings

The correct resistance settings will help in building muscle mass. But most users only focus on speed and lose out on the chance of building muscles through biking. On the other hand, some cyclists use too much resistance and put themselves at risk of injury. Consult a professional trainer to know the correct resistance levels for you.

5. Forgetting To Stretch After The Exercise 

Just like warming up before a workout is essential, cooling down after it is also important. During the last 10-15 minutes of your training, cycle lightly followed by static stretches. Focus on all the muscle groups that are under stress during training. This will prevent your muscles from getting sore. 

Summing Up

The main objective for which you train on an exercise cycle is to get fit through a simple workout regime. But that purpose will be defeated if you are unaware of the mistakes to avoid during cycling. Consult an experienced professional trainer before using the bike. It will help you devise suitable pre and post-training routines and identify the right resistance levels. 

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