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Joined APSense since, September 4th, 2009, From Seremban, Malaysia.
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Stacie Walker Senior  
“Dr. Don Yates Sr PhD, is a creative author and has exceptional business insights. He is the type of leader you should go to for expert advice.”

Recommendation on Experiences: Business Entrepreneur, Business Entrepreneur
Carlos Silva Magnate I Pro  
Hi readers, Watch the work of this man, this dr.Don Y. We need more people like Dr. Don!! Because Life and Dreams are here, inside people as mr. Don and several Great Men like him!! And the Number ONE it must become became true, NOW: Life to the Children! Good Life, YES!!! How? Using our own work, here or elsewhere, to HELP THE UNICEF ... because together we Can Change this World for BETTER! If you can visit my apsense article: VIDEO CHOICE - HELP THE UNICEF and Watch, Listen ... Movies, Videos"

Recommendation on Experiences: Advocate and Sponsor, Childrens Rights Petition and Groups
Marvin Whitehead Jr. Magnate I  
Dr.Don is a very good friend and is a very professional,trustful,dependable,honest and believe in helping others also in getting the job done.Dr.Don is a great person to get to know. marvinwhiteheadjr

Recommendation on Haves: Avoiding Scams Online
Trisno Sukarmo Innovator  
Looking forward to finding out more in regards to "team marketing", this could be an interesting concept for expanding our businesses.

Recommendation on Experiences: Business Entrepreneur, Business Entrepreneur
Holo S. Innovator
Mr Don is a nice guy. For whose who is in need of his professional help, just give a shot now!

Recommendation on Experiences: Business Entrepreneur, Business Entrepreneur

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