I am at a loss today...

by Not Here just want my account deleted

Seems like there has been a fair bit of debate around the community lately, almost seems as though some people would rather compete with each other than help each other.  I have even seen some pretty childish bickering and complaining between members, for whatever reason, thats between them and they should keep it that way.  When we compete we all lose. 


Now, I ain't perfect, much as I'd like to be, and my remarks may seem competitive too, really they are just my opinions, attempts at real conversation if you will.  If we need to challange anyone, it should be ourselves, our own ways of thinking.  Don't think for one second my thinking hasn't been challanged here at apsense, it has and continues to be, and I love it!


Back to whats really bothering me, what made me come home from work during my lunch break just so I could get this off my chest already.  The wining and complaining I have seen lately is enough to drive me up the wall. I don't care whether it's that someone isn't topping blogs, or someone isn't leaving comments, someone isn't taking the right action or whatever.  Complaining proves nothing!  It just gets everyone fired up, thinking in a negative fashion, and guess what, nobody's happy!  You know, apsense was pretty awesome before all the bells and whistles that we now have were added.  If all people are going to do is complain about how people use these features maybe we should just lose them.  THE ONLY ACTION WE SHOULD BE TAKING IS INSPIRED ACTION, PERIOD!  I'm sorry but the negativity of it all is driving me over the edge.  The thing that makes this community great is the people, the people are the one thing that can decide:  Do we make it great, or do we tear it down and destroy it just to serve our own selfish desires? 


So, if you want to top or drop this, whether you want to leave a comment or not, no matter what you think of me, WHATEVER, Tell Me or Don't, I DON'T CARE!  even if you think I'm a total jerk, it doesn't matter.  I'm looking for enlightened, real discussion from forward thinking people.  I will not disregard any remarks, good or bad, just be prepared to deal with my honest feedback, and just maybe together we can grow into some magnificent! 



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Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
You must have read my mind, I woke this morning and like every day l take a walk down to the lake then l shower and read my emails and check out what is happening on here.

The first blog l read, messed up my day and my mind l felt the same way as you do at this moment and being thing about what l read and how senseless reading it really was. That was the only blog l read this morning and l though about most of the day and one time felt like writting a couner blog, BUT why would l want to lower my standards to this author.

If you have a problem with some one on here do yourself a fav. address that member with an email then it becomes you and the other member as Garnet say's who cares, why waste and leave negative thoughs on blogs.

I totally agee with you my friend, if l have a problem l will address it with that member part of me wants to at this moment but..............NOPE not happening,

Have a great evening....
Oct 19th 2007 17:27   
Mark Johnson Senior   

Hey Garnet,

've always been under the impression that this is where people help people.

But, I have seen some threads from some folks who seem to be "Holier Than Thou" which kind of negates the spirit of this network.

Most of us here are great people to deal with,
so don't get discouraged by the attitude of a few.
Oct 19th 2007 17:38   
Sherri-Anne Myers Committed   Ladystrange Lingerie
I agree with you guys. Can't we all just get along? Allot of negative things lately.
Oct 19th 2007 19:42   
Theresa Advanced   

This newbie was starting to wonder what she had gotten herself into and if Apsense was like this all the time. I was beginning to wonder if it was worth it and if I should even continue to pursue writing here at Apsense. Thank you for clearing this up for me and helping me to understand that it is simply growing pains and things will clear up and I should continue and press forward.

Oct 19th 2007 21:33   
Not Here Committed  just want my account deleted
Thank you all for the kind feedback! Boy, did I ever feel better after putting this up this afternoon.
Oct 19th 2007 22:32   
Theresa Advanced   
by the way.... there is a game of Tag happening right now, when you have been tagged you need to "tag" 5 others... so, TAG you are IT!

have fun ;-)

Oct 19th 2007 23:31   
CatHead Advanced   
Well, personally, I find all the drama to be a very refreshing change from the copy and paste biz ops, apsense how to's and help, and the other garbage that killed this place. I really wish I had the time to participate and encourage it more *grinz*

I'm sure most everybody secretly shares my opinion and lovez rubbernecking this train wreck too LOL

Well I'm tagging you too, like the fishie, so I guess you gotta read 10 blogz now LOL, sorry

Have a Great Weekend,

Oct 20th 2007 01:15   
Not Here Committed  just want my account deleted

I hear you as far as the copy and paste biz ops goes, but the rubbernecking??? If I want drama I'll turn on the news. These actions are simply uninspired people seeking to get a rise out of others for the sake of publicity, they are only hurting themselves and dragging everyone else down with them, they are causing the trainwreck! If I wanted to take the easy way out, I would act like a total moron, write a bunch of total crap, and magnetically attract a bunch of losers to my network and together we'd all be pathedic morons. Instead, I take my time, think out what I believe to be the right corse of action, have an awesome time making some great friends who will undoubtly bend over backwards for me. There are people here who understand the true power and magificence we have as human beings. We understand what it takes to be truely great, the power we have in our minds to change the way the world thinks so that people may understand, we live in a world of abundance! There is plenty to go around for everyone, and no need whatsoever for stingyness, selfishness and childish behavior. Of course, we could just give up and let the world go to $hi#! I mean, why should any of us give a rip about anyone else, right?

Have a good night!
Oct 20th 2007 02:11   
Claudia Senior   
Thanks God, I'm not alone.
Have a great day.

Oct 20th 2007 03:00   
Lisa Lomas Professional   
Hi Garnett,

What you are saying is very true and is happening. Negativity breeds contempt.
Positivity is required to get positive results. What are new marketers or someone trying home business for the first time what will they think, what will be there impressions? We need to give out positivity to get back positivity. I beleive the owners are committed and will do what they can. I believe they are reasonable people and deserve credit where credit is due.

I personally want more positivity, I know some have left because of the petty nature of some circumstances and I will not promote this place until I see some professional behaviour!

I should give everyone a copy of The Secret, you manifest and live what is in your head, I want to live positively and have fun online.

Thankyou I really appreciate your honesty.
Oct 20th 2007 03:34   
Ruth Baldwin Committed   
I totally agee with you too on all counts...the news is where we all can find enough drama to last a lifetime...why would anyone have the need to create more? Beats the heck out of me! It's all VERY childish, if you ask me! I'm alot like you in that regard...if you don't want to know...don't ask me! The truth may hurt sometimes, but...the truth shall set you free!
I'll take my time too...I believe we as people can be our worst emimy a lot of the this case they are. The auguing will get them nowhere, what is so hard to see there? What does it prove people? Can anyone tell me that?
Garnet, Have a great and wonderful day - everyday!
Oct 20th 2007 03:49   
Penny Young Committed   Consultant
Good blog, thanks. I think a lot of the debate is just the equivalent of office politics, except that Apsense is our office. Hopefully once the venting is done we can move onwards and upwards, just as you suggest.
Oct 20th 2007 04:01   
Not Here Committed  just want my account deleted
Awesome to see more of the community finding this, I knew without a doubt I wasn't the only one who felt this way! I know that this community will continue to move forward, likely through leaps and bounds but it would be so nice just to lose the bounds and grow in leaps! Likely people will read that statement and say, "we need the bounds" or "how can we do that" or "we can't do that". Why Not?

Lisa, your right, everyone should either see, read, or listen to the secret. They call it the law of attraction, I simply call it... The Way To Live!!!

And to all reading this now, as Ruth said: Have a great and wonderful day - everyday!


Oct 20th 2007 11:08   
Jennifer Underwood Professional   Promoter
TOPS! Amen.
Oct 20th 2007 11:50   
Susan coils Senior   Web Design & Marketing Services for Small Business
Great blog. And I'm glad I found it. Thanks for taking the time out of your lunch break to write it. Now that's what I call dedication.

Oct 20th 2007 12:21   
Linda Correa Senior   Making Money On The Internet
Let's not allow the unhappy, miserable people drag us down to their level...Ugh . Fior get them and let's keep building
Oct 20th 2007 13:22   
Jennifer Underwood Professional   Promoter
Oh btw Garnet, I think your WONDERFUL! Thanks for this wonderful blog and all your support and suggestions!
Oct 20th 2007 14:10   
Not Here Committed  just want my account deleted
Hi Linda,

No worries! I know there are many dedicated, ethical, honest, hardworking people(I could go on and on about this!) who will continue to build. People with real vision, and the right attitude! Glad to see a few of them visiting my blog.

Thanks again to everyone for their support and kind remarks!
Oct 20th 2007 14:35   
Thea Westra Professional   Adding Wings To Our Unique Life Journey!
If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself but to your own estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment. ~Marcus Aurelius~

Thank you for taking the time to write this great commentary, Garnet.

Oct 20th 2007 14:51   
Jenny Stewart Professional   
Hi Garnet

Love your Blog - and of course I'll top it - especially now we have lost the nasty drop it feature!!

Remember out of negativity comes positivity - and there is a lot of it around here.

We need to get away from so much internal stuff and TALK ABOUT LIFE! LOL

Here's looking at you kid!

Oct 20th 2007 17:07   
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